Take A Walk On The Wild Side with Clawz {Review & Giveaway}


My boys have reached the stage where they really love to dress themselves in the morning times, and shoes are a favorite item for them to pick out.  While I don’t mind them dressing up in my “princess shoes,” it’s nice for them to have some fun shoes of their own that are easy to put on.  Their new Clawz shoes fit the bill perfectly! Clawz are shoes that are molded from comfortable, durable, odor-resistant, mold-resistant, lightweight material that comes in a variety of sizes and colors- and of course, look like a pair of animal claws!  They are a … …..

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The “Everything Pumping” Giveaway for Breast Milk Pumping Mamas!


I am very excited to tell my readers all about an awesome giveaway for the breast milk pumping mamas out there.  I have pumped here and there over the past 6 years, but my blog contributor Sunny is a pumping pro.  Since the birth of her first son Sunny has donated around 3,000 ounces of breast milk.  Isn’t that amazing?!  She also works 1-2 nights per week as an RN in the labor & delivery unit so between pumping for work and for donation Sunny definitely knows her stuff when it comes to breastfeeding and pumping products.  Many of which … …..

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It’s Going To Be A HoneyBaked Easter at the Harper Home!


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Business2Blogger & HoneyBaked Ham. I received a gift certificate to facilitate my review.  Regardless all opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own. With how long I’ve been wishing for spring to arrive you’d think I would be a little more prepared for what it brings… Easter!  Yet I haven’t done a single thing to prepare.  There is not one piece of holiday decor displayed in our home.  The Easter bunny has yet to shop for baskets and all the goodies that go inside.  We haven’t even colored Easter eggs yet!  Not … …..

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Never Wordless Wednesday: 2 Pink Lines


On August 14th 2013 I typed these words at the end of a blog post about Willow’s birth story… And I would be lying if I told you I still wasn’t devastated with how her birth turned out.  I would give anything to have that natural birth that I had hoped for.  I want that experience so badly and will forever yearn for it. Forever. At that moment in time I truly thought Dustin and I had reached the end of the road in terms of building our family and I was so thankful for the three beautiful girls the … …..

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Join Mama Harper & Seventh Generation to become a Toxin Freedom Fighter!


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Seventh Generation. I received a promotional item and product samples as a thank you for participating. Take a peek at your cleaning supplies.  Those same products that you are using to clean your home to protect your loved ones from germs and illness could actually be seriously harming them.  In fact there are more than 80,000 chemicals available in the United States that have never been fully tested for their toxic effects on our health and environment.  Even scarier is the fact that scientists have linked exposure to … …..

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Giving the Gift of a Gentle Clean with Pampers {Plus a Twitter Party & Giveaway}


This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine. I’m so happy that spring is finally on the horizon, but one thing that I don’t really look forward to is spring cleaning.  With three little ones five and under just keeping the house straightened up and normal chores like laundry and dishes clean can be a challenge.  Pampers knows just how rough spring cleaning can be and so they sent us a “Gentle Spring Cleaning” basket to make the … …..

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Keep Your Charger Cords Nautically Neat & Tidy With CableKeeps


The chargers in our house definitely take some abuse on a daily basis. They go with us into the car, to work, get thrown into bags, moved around the house, and sometimes even end up as a jump rope for the boys. CableKeeps by Nice, Inc are created to help with just that by keeping your cords organized in an incredibly cute way- fish!!! Nice is a company with a mission to bring premium products to market that delight, inspire, and are built on a foundation of empowering local community, reducing environmental impact, and sharing success. They have created CableKeeps … …..

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Never Wordless Wednesday: Alleigh Lost Her First Tooth!


In that first year of life there are so many firsts and each one is as bitter sweet as the last.  As they get older the firsts are fewer and farther between, but when one happens it hits you hard.  Those are the moments that you realize your baby is really truly growing up.  That they aren’t actually a baby anymore.  Well, she will ALWAYS be my baby, but she is also a kid… a big kid. That big moment happened for me on February 4th when Alleigh was sitting on the couch and told me “mom, my tooth hurts.”  … …..

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Alleigh’s New Lunchbox Request – Robinson’s Fruitshoot


Thanks to Fruitshoot for sponsoring today’s discussion. Alleigh isn’t a very picky eater and enjoys buying lunch at school, but I still typically pack her lunch once or twice a week.  Considering the wide range of foods she eats both in school lunches and at home for dinner it is rather comical that she requests the exact same lunch to be packed every single time. I feel a lot of that might have to do with the fact that we eliminated the artificial food coloring red40 from her diet in the fall of 2013 and have only found limited items … …..

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Step2 Play Ball Fun Climber – Perfect for Inside & Out!


I am partnering with Step2 for the following review. I received a product in exchange for my review and honest opinion. No other compensation was provided. Willow is a climber.  Anytime you turn around for more than thirty seconds she is attempting to climb up on something she shouldn’t be.  Instead of constantly telling her no I thought it would be a much better idea to get her something she would be allowed to climb on as much as her little heart desires.  The only stipulations I had were that the product must be lots of fun for Willow to … …..

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