Willvin Diaper Bag Review

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Before I had kids my addiction was purses – I could never have enough purses.  Most women know you need different purses for all sorts of reasons.  Different colors for different seasons.  Different sizes for different situations.  Well once I had kids that addiction switched over to diaper bags.  I no longer carry purses, I see no reason to be carrying two bags with me everywhere I go.  For that reason my diaper bag must also function as a purse.  Since I am a self diagnosed diaper bag addict of course I was thrilled when I received an e-mail from Willvin (in Sweden!!) asking if I would like to try out their amazing diaper bags.
Willvin diaper bags are designed by Petra, a mom of two young boys, – who better to design a diaper bag than a mom?  She had tried out at least 10 diaper bags and though there were things she liked about them all there was also always something that just wasn’t quite right.  Since she couldn’t find exactly what she wanted in a diaper bag that was currently being manufactured Petra decided to take things into her own hands and the Willvin diaper bag was born.  A neat little fact is that Willvin is the combination of her boys names – William & Vincent. 
I chose the Willvin Magnificent in leatherette beige.
This bag is made of a very durable tough polyester which resembles leather.  My mother in law was sure it was real leather and Dustin even said it smells like real leather.  I love the color and design of this diaper bag.  Dustin has no problem carrying it because it is very neutral and the color can be carried year round.  If I like the look of a diaper bag it has met one requirement, but even more important is that it must be functional!  I love all the pockets in the diaper bag – especially the bottom compartment.
It is my personal opinion that most diaper bags are designed with the disposable diaper using mom in mind, but we are a fluffy butt household!  Every fluffy mom knows that cloth diapers take up more space than disposables so I was happy to be able to fit 6 pocket diapers in the bottom compartment of my Willvin diaper bag!  Once we are done with diapers the bottom compartment will be ideal to carry an extra change of clothes and shoes for the girls.
The interior is large enough for everything I need while out running errands.  In the large interior compartment I have the baby wipes case, a small blanket, burp rag, wet bag, change of clothes, snacks, Sophie, and a few other small toys.  There are also small compartments on the inside as well where I keep ointment and other small items – I will be so happy when one of those items becomes sunblock!  There are also pockets on the outside where I keep my phone, keys, and camera for easy access.
When the weather is nice I like to take the girls on walks and when I say we are going on a walk Dustin usually lets out a huge sigh and says “how longgggg?” because my walks tend to be at least a few miles, hehe.  I hate throwing my diaper bag in the basket under the stroller because then it is not easily accessible and with a long shoulder strap the bag ends up rubbing the wheels on the stroller.  Neither of these is a problem for the Willvin diaper bag.  I have never used a diaper bag before with stroller straps and wondered what all the fuss was about, but I can now tell you that I absolutely love the Willvin integrated stroller clips.  Just pull them out from the inside of the diaper bag – wrap them around your stroller handle and clip.  The bag is held at a perfect height, is not in my way, and is securely attached to the stroller. 
I am going to be completely honest with you – as I always am – though I love this diaper bag it is far out of my budget, but if you are willing to spend some extra bucks this is definitely a diaper bag that will last for many years and will work for both you and your significant other.  Even when the time comes that we don’t need a diaper bag anymore I know I will still find uses for this bag.  It would be an awesome carry on bag for airplane travel or to use for carrying my laptop around.  Check out the Willvin website for all available colors and materials!  
Tell me what you currently use for a diaper bag and what you wish you could change about it.  Also tell me which Willvin diaper bag you would love to have!  After you have commented below with this information you can have 10 extra entries into any one active giveaway.  Label them “WILLVIN 1-10”
Psssst – I have a secret………. in about a week or so there is a very good chance there will be a giveaway for a Willvin diaper bag right here at Happenings of the Harper Household.  Excited?
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16 Responses to Willvin Diaper Bag Review

  1. Bri says:

    I like the Willvin leatherette in burgundy! My current bag is a built bag and I like it but it is too small!
    sradke1024 at gmail dot com

  2. Baby and the Chi's says:

    I currently use a Carters diaper bag, and though it's big, I wish it were a little bigger, and had more pockets. I also with the closure wasn't a magnetic flap. I'd much rather just have the zipper closure.

    I like the Willvin Leatherette Brown 🙂


  3. Vanessa says:

    My current diaper bag was something I got as a freebie it does the job poorly. Its too small and lacks pockets. I would snap my fingers and add all the features of the Willvin bag!

    gracefulcat at hotmail dot com

  4. Vanessa says:

    The Willvin Napped Black would be choice if I could dream a little! I have been searching for a diaper bag that would suit my fluffy needs, not be overly girly, have enough pockets and the adjustable straps. I will be watching closely for that possible giveaway! wohooooo

  5. Lara + Chris says:

    Those are awesome!! I don't even want to figure out the exchange rate, I want one so badly.

    We have a bag that's great for one – maybe two – hour trips, but nothing seems to meet my other two criteria: that it's masculine enough for DH to carry around, and that it's big enough for a longer day trip. These totally look like they would work – eek! Love!

  6. Stephah says:

    I love this bag!!! I would love to try the brown or the black. I agree with you, gender neutral for dad! Dad hates carrying stuff of ours.. we have a black and pink diaper bag, and I have a bright aqua purse.. so I usually end up carrying all the "stuff" and he takes care of baby! hehe.

    I love everything about your review on the Willvin diaper bag. I have never seen a diaper bag with stroller straps, but what a great idea! We go on long walks all the time, and are training for a 10K (the three of us – Presley in the running stroller) so that would be SO helpful! Like you, we are a fluffy family and that is why I dislike my current diaper bag – it is sposie friendly. Everything is JAMMED in there and after only a few months (maybe 6?) the straps have ripped twice because of the strain of too much being stuffed in. Thanks for the forewarning on the giveaway – woohoo!

  7. Erin says:

    Oh my word, I would LOVE to win one of these! Currently, we use 2: either the Enfamil bag that we got at the hospital (very basic, no compartments, not very practical) or a backpack-style bag that hubby picked out (more manly). It's just not big enough, and things get lost so easily! Definitely not fluff friendly, either. My favorite Willvin? Leatherette Brown.

  8. Steph says:

    I WANT ONE OF THESE BIG TIME! I am currently using a Hurley Laptop Messenger bag just like this one listed here : http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1144196

    It's alright I just wish it were a bit bigger for all of my cloth diapering needs. The compartment at the bottom of this Willvin bag is perfect! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Willvin Magnificent in black!

  9. Sunflower Joy says:

    Currently I use a orange and camo bag from Cabelas. I really wish it is bigger cause I have a really hard time fitting the diapers and bottles all in there. The bag I would love is http://shop.willvin.se/skotvaskor/willvin-leatherette-brown/

  10. banks_family_5 says:

    I currently use a Carter's Diaper Bag right now. I wish I could change the size of out and more pockets!! The one I currently has is small with like 1 pocket in it. Maliyah's stuff hardly fits in it 🙁

    I would love to have the Willvin Magnificent.

  11. Jen says:

    I currently use one that was handmade, embroidered with our last name. I love that it's personalized, but it's all fabric…I wish it were waterproof or could be washed.
    I LOVE the Willvin Magnificent…that compartment underneath is genius! 🙂

  12. Joy N. says:

    I use a really nice yoga bag i got at cost. Really durable sturdy …. the only thing i would change is not needing one 😉

  13. Michelle_B says:

    when my girls were younger i used a HUGE pink purse instead of a diaper bag and the only thing i would change would be pockets on the outside. now i just use my regular purse, throw a couple diapers in and im good to go

    i like the Willvin Leatherette Beige
    mrs_bardos at yahoo dot com

  14. shannon b says:

    I currently use a cloth bag from old navy as my diaper bad / purse. If I could change it a bit I would give it a second zipper compartment so that my diapers and wipes would be seperate from everything else.
    I really like the Willvin Leatherette in Brown
    sbaka3 at gmail dot com

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  16. Chun Bult says:

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