4 Amazing Years.

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4 years ago today I married my best friend.

It’s amazing to think of everything that has happened since that day.  We bought our first home.  We welcomed Dilly into the world.  Two years later Sugar arrived.  Dustin landed a great job that keeps him home instead of constantly on the road.  Life is good.

Dustin & I had a small ceremony with our immediate family on June 1st 2007.  On November 3rd 2007 we had a vow renewal in front of our extended family and friends along with a reception.  I loved wearing my princess style wedding dress and celebrating with everyone, but our small ceremony on June 1st still means the most to me.  It was absolutely perfect and fit Dustin and I’s laid back style.  I thought I would share some pictures from that day that I scanned out of our scrapbook.

Getting married!

With this ring...

You may kiss the bride...

Mr. & Mrs. Harper

Love of my life.

Today we celebrated by dropping the kiddos off at my sister in laws and then going on a walk at a local nature preserve.  It was nice to just walk around with each other and enjoy the silence.

On a not so fun note… I went to the doctors today.  Turns out that all of the symptoms I have been experiencing lately point to gallbladder problems.  I have an ultrasound set up to figure out exactly what the problem is, but the doctor is fairly certain my gallbladder is the culprit.  It was nice to at least have an answer… but now I just want to get it fixed.  If you pray I’d appreciate it if you would add me to your list – the constant fever and nausea I have been dealing with is becoming unbearable, especially with 2 little ones that depend on me.

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4 Responses to 4 Amazing Years.

  1. Sabrina Radke says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! And I just had my gall bladder out so hopefully that is the issue and they can get you taken care of! Praying for you!

  2. Sarah says:

    Congrats and get better soon! I love your blog!

  3. Jess says:

    CONGRATS!!!! (Gallbladder issues suck!)

  4. Morgan says:

    We have a similar story! Married on the beach with just Jake’s immediate family there on 11/22/07 (my family lives 2500 miles away), then 6 months later on 5/25/08, we had a reception with all of our friends and family. We will be celebrating 4 years this year too! Congrats to both of you. New visitor to your blog, found you on Top Mommy Blogs. Please follow back at http://www.momma-licious.blogspot.com

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