The Zippy Cap Review

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It’s summer time – woohoo!!  And with summer comes lots of outdoor play time and the need for sun protection.  Hats are a great way to keep the sun out of your little ones face, but sometimes it can be a struggle to keep them on their heads.  We had the opportunity for Dilly and Sugar to try out a very unique hat – The Zippy Cap by Cap-Sac Kids.  So you’re probably wondering what can be so unique about a hat?

The Zippy Cap is basically a fanny pack for your head!  Since Dilly is such a huge fan of pockets I was sure she would be excited about the idea of a pocket on her head.  The pocket also doubles as a way to conveniently fold up the hat so that it lays flat and can be stuffed into a back pocket, lunch box, diaper bag, or anywhere else you can think of.  Check out how small it folds up…

The color we received is called “Lemon Twist” and was a bit more florescent in person than I perceived from the picture on the Cap-Sac Kids website.  It reminds me a bit of my childhood…. think back to the 80s when every parent dressed their child in the brightest most obnoxious colors ever from head to toe.  Now a splash of florescent on top of their heads isn’t a bad thing, but I definitely wouldn’t be dressing my kiddo completely in florescent colors, hehe.  Plus you definitely will be able to pick your little one out in a crowd!  The Zippy Cap is also available in Bubblegum Blue, Pinky Swear, Rock Candy, Grape Escape and Orange Blast.

The Zippy Cap is very lightweight, flexible, and is made of 100% laundered nylon so there will be no worries about your little one complaining that their head is too hot or that their hat is too tight.  It comes in a one size fits all child size and is recommended for children 4 and up.  Dilly is three and it fits her great though and it even fits Sugar…. but my kiddos have big heads – their always measuring in the 90th percentile when it comes to head circumference, hehe.  Sugar had a fun time posing for the camera… she is really starting to cheese it up.

So what can you put in that cute little pocket…. anything your little ones heart desires.  Action figures, rocks, a snack.  You might be surprised at what you find tucked into their Zippy Cap.  And I’m not sure if this would work… but it’s worth a try.  If you have a sick kiddo with a fever you could always try placing an ice pack in the pouch and placing it on their head.  I know that I always like to place a cold compress against my forehead but it’s hard to keep it in place.  Perhaps this would work for little ones?  It’s worth a try!  Want to get one for your lil one?  They can be purchased on the Cap-Sac Kids website for $12.99!  And adults can get in on the fun too – check out the Cap-Sac website where the adult version can be purchased for $12.99 as well.


Visit the Cap-Sac website or Cap-Sac Kids website and tell me what color you would purchase AND what you would put in the pocket.  Comment below with your response and you can have 5 extra entries into any one active giveaway.  Label them “CAP-SAC 1-5”

I was provided a Zippy Cap to review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions expressed are 100% honest and are mine and mine alone.

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13 Responses to The Zippy Cap Review

  1. Kailey B says:

    Pinky swear and I’m pretty sure Anna would try to put her “hoppies” in them (rubber froggies)

  2. Samantha Rudzinski says:

    It would have to be Grape Escape because we love purple. Considering my little one is 9 months (though her head size is in the upper 90’s percentile) we’d most likely carry a teether toy in the pocket.

  3. debbie m says:

    i like the bubblegum blue. i would put a reusable snack bag of cheerios in it. 🙂

  4. Julie G. says:

    the blue one and i would put snacks in the pocket… we always need those 🙂

  5. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I like the Grape Escape and dd would have her princess dolls in the pocket since they go everywhere with her!

  6. Linda Hawes says:

    I would pick the royal blue color and I would put random snacks and notes in it.

  7. Sabrina Radke says:

    Orange is the color for our house whenever possible so we would buy that and we would have to put our babybanz in the pocket of course!

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