Geocaching & some WINNERS

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This weekend was full of fun.  Took the girls swimming twice and entered the world of geocaching.  Dustin wasn’t too excited about geocaching so I decided to ask my sister if she would like to go with me.  We had so much fun together and found 6 caches!  It was fun to just spend some time with my sister and I’m really looking forward to the next time we go.  Geocaching feels like a huge scavenger hunt or Easter egg hunt that’s acceptable for adults to participate in too – so much fun! And the best part is it’s free to play except of course the gas to drive to the caches.

Check out some pictures of our latest finds!

Dilly was super excited when I took her to look for a geocache and upon opening it saw that it was full of little toys!  She left two matchbox cars and took 2 bouncy balls.  Such a good little geocacher.

That’s my sister showing off one of our finds from yesterday.  See that hole in the bottom of the tree… ya that is where it was – deep in that hole!  She wouldn’t reach her hand in the hole so I had to.  I will admit I was a bit nervous, but was super excited when I found the cache.

And I suppose I should pick some winners for the Fresh Baby and itti bitti giveaways.

There were 152 entries in the Fresh Baby giveaway and chose

Winner of the baby bowl and dish was #140 Amanda Alvarado “Fresh #4”
Winner of the toddler plate & book was #111 Samantha Rudzinski “Posted on fb!/profile.php?id=1354542277

There were 1,079 comments in the itti bitti tutto giveaway and chose

Lucky #34 was Samantha Cuhel “I +1 -ed your post (should be registered under my email)”


Winners have been e-mailed and have 48 hours to respond.
After 48 hours new winners will be chosen.

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5 Responses to Geocaching & some WINNERS

  1. Kristin G says:

    I really would like to try geocaching someday- looks like fun!

  2. Very interesting entry, I look forward to the next! Thx for share

  3. Olivia L says:

    I’d like to try this when my little is a bit older. One of the other bloggers I follow is into geocaching as well and it sounds like so much fun! Is this just in the US?

  4. Joy Newlan says:

    I know there are some caches around us. do you use a gps or anything? i wondering if we need to find one to start geocaching

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