Sugar’s a Local Star! (& some WINNERS too).

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If you hadn’t noticed I am a lover of cloth diapers and so I love promoting them any way possible.  I will talk to anyone anywhere about cloth diapers – I always make sure to tell them that I did use disposables on my first, so I truly know the pros and cons of each.  I just wish I had known more sooner so that Dilly could of been cloth diapered too! So when one of my favorite places,The Breastfeeding Center, posted on facebook that they needed a few fluffy butted babies to get their picture taken for our local newspaper you better believe Sugar and I were there!  And check out how stinkin cute this picture is…  yes they included a sposie too, but you all know the cloth dipes are way cuter!

Repository Scott Heckel

The article “Saving Money On Baby Bottoms” was written by Saimi Bergmann.  Oh and I am sure about 80% of you already know what diaper Sugar is wearing, but I thought I would share just in case you didn’t know…. she has on a One Size Rumparooz Eco-Owl.  I thought it was perfect for the newspaper picture since it says “Whoooo cares about the environment.”  And this wasn’t the first time Sugar was caught in the newspaper sporting a fluffy butt.  We also were local stars during The Great Cloth Diaper Change!  I was never so proud to have my picture in the newspaper changing a diaper.  I really think it’s important to promote cloth diapering any way possible.  For the most part it’s the lack of knowledge which is why I didn’t cloth diaper Dilly, had I known more then I probably would have cloth diapered her too.  So get out there and talk to people – maybe contact your local newspaper about doing a write up of cloth diapers – the more people who know the better!

I also have some winners to announce…. The Baby Baubles and Bengay giveaways ended last night.  These will be the last giveaways on Happenings of the Harper Household that use standard comment entries.  From now on I will be using Rafflecopter as my entry system since it is easier for everyone – including me!  And now for those winners…

The Baby Baubles and More giveaway had 79 entries and chose

#66 was Olivia L “daily tweet, entry #1″

There were 68 entries for the Bengay giveaway and chose

#35 was Ashley Hess “I entered the Tween Bling Necklace Giveaway”
#54 was Joy Newlan “follow via GFC”

Winners have been e-mailed and have 48 hours to respond.
After 48 hours new winners will be chosen.

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2 Responses to Sugar’s a Local Star! (& some WINNERS too).

  1. Sarah says:

    I agree with you that it’s primarily lack of knowledge why parents don’t cloth diaper their children. I remember my parents using cloth diapers (flats) on my siblings, and I have 3-4 friends who used cloth diapers on their children. So, I saw cloth diapers in action, but had I not, my daughter would not be cloth diapered.

    I LOVE the picture, and I’m glad you had this opportunity to promote cloth diapering even more!

  2. Ack! That pic is ADORABLE! <3

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