Zooper Tango Review

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Everyone knows I am a big fan of baby wearing – and if you didn’t now you do, hehe…. BUT Sugar is getting huge.  Seriously at her last doctors appointment her pediatrician described her as being “average height, chunky, with a melon head” – of course this was said lovingly, our pediatrician is the best!  Anyhow… she is a chunk and even the best carriers will not do for long lengths of time and so an amazing stroller is a must.  Since Dilly is still rather teeny and I prefer for her to be contained when out in public a double stroller is a must for me.  I really have no idea how parents of multiple young children do it without a double stroller, but for me it is a necessity.  We started out with a tandem stroller, but it just wasn’t working for us.  The child in front would constantly be trying to turn around to see the one in back and the child in back thought it would be nice to constantly kick the back of their sister.  The stroller was supposed to make life easier!!  Not more stressful.  Then I found a stroller that had just about everything I could ever want and you know I jumped for joy when it arrived at the Harper House for us to try out.

And so I want to introduce the Zooper Tango to you…

Want to be the envy of the playground – you NEED this stroller!  I get asked about it at least once every time we have it out and I love talking about it, hehe.  We received the Amber Yellow color that is pictured above, but it is also available in Wild Peach, Wild Green, Butterfly Purple, Flax Brown, Jungle Earth, Mountain Flowers, Ocean Blue, Star Black, and Canyon Red.  All of the color and print choices are absolutely gorgeous and so vibrant.  I liked the Amber Yellow since it is gender neutral and you never know if a little boy might join our family.  I have a feeling IF we have another baby it will be a girl, but this way we are prepared.  Once you get past the beauty of the stroller there are so many awesome features that make the Zooper stand out above the rest.

Every Zooper stroller’s frame is made of lightweight durable aluminum – the Tango only weighs 32.2 pounds!  Our previous double stroller weighed nearly 40 pounds and let me tell you 8 pounds is a huge difference.  It is also very easy to fold the Zooper for storage purposes.  Once folded down it can be stored standing up and there is a convenient carrying handle on the side which makes moving it a breeze.

I absolutely love the all purpose canopy which functions as a UV net, sunshade, and rain cover all in one simple unit.  I especially like that each child has their own all purpose canopy – Dilly typically ends up pulling hers all the way down and hiding from the world, hehe, while Sugar prefers hers to be up.  The foot muff is awesome because you don’t have to worry about blankets getting tossed or dropped and forgotten.  We haven’t used the foot muff yet since it has been so gosh darn hot out, but I know this fall it will get put to good use!

All Zooper strollers also have 4 independent wheel suspensions which will give your lil one maximum comfort even in rough terrain.  We have taken the Zooper everywhere and have not had any problems with maneuvering – I’m talking even off roading at a local hilly park.  Regarding trips to the mall the Tango is a bit of a squeeze in some stores since it is side-by-side, but that is to be expected.  Storage is a big issue for this momma!  I need somewhere to put shopping bags, blankets, diaper bags, wallet, cell phone, keys, and more… I am so happy that Zooper came through for me!  Check out all these awesome storage areas.

The horizontal handle allows for one handed pushing which is great because I am usually trying to take a sip of water or talk on the phone while pushing.  I know all moms are multi-taskers like me so this is super important!  The seats also recline extremely easy and have 4 positions including flat for newborns as well as 3 position leg rests.  I absolutely love our Zooper Tango and so does Dustin.  He has commented many times about the ease of which the Zooper pushes.  The girls also love it and have each claimed their own side.  Sugar seems to think the arm rest is her foot rest – her lil feet are always propped up there, hehe…

Now even though I am practically in love with our Zooper Tango there are two things I would love to see added….. hey, there’s always room for improvement.  The first is more cup holders.  It does come with one cup holder which attaches to the side of the stroller, but many times Dustin and I are together on our outings and we each have a beverage.  The second thing is that I would like there to be snack trays and cup holders on the arm rests for the girls.  It would be nice to have somewhere to put some gold fish crackers or any other snack for that matter.  Other wise it has everything I could ever ask for.  Have you fallen in love with the Zooper Tango too?  Well if so you can purchase one for $499 and it is available at quite a few online retailers.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed with a Zooper stroller!

Visit the Zooper website and tell me your favorite stroller as well as what color you would like to have.  Comment below with your answer then you can have 10 extra entries into any one active giveaway.  Label them “Zooper 1-10”.

I received a Zooper Tango to review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions expressed are 100% honest and are mine and mine alone.

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26 Responses to Zooper Tango Review

  1. Amanda Alvarado says:

    The Tango is hands down my favorite for a double stroller and I love the Canyon Red.

  2. Dawn H. says:

    My favorite stroller is the Waltz in Wild Green.

  3. Samantha Rudzinski says:

    I absolutely love the Bolero in Butterfly Purple!

  4. debbie m says:

    i like the zooper waltz in the wild green color…my fave color!

  5. Sabrina Radke says:

    I really like the Bolero and the Waltz!
    sradke1024 at gmail dot com

  6. amy v says:

    fav is the ‘bolero’ in amber yellow color


  7. Kelly says:

    Love the tango…have been looking at it for a few months so it was great to see a review! The amber color is great!

  8. Delila says:

    i love the tango in wild green.

  9. Malissa Smith says:

    definitely the tango in wild green!

  10. Andrea says:

    I’m trying to decide if I want to buy the Tango for our upcoming new addition. So far I love it, and I’d probably get it in star black.

  11. Jdeemarie says:

    I like the tango in flax brown – after my youngest son was born, anytime I tried to put the new baby in the (single) stroller that we had my older son would melt down because the stroller was for him. I came to the conclusion early on that I NEED a double stroller to survive.

  12. DeeDee says:

    i think we would get the tango in wild green.

  13. Julie G says:

    I love the Tango in wild green. What a fun color! I love how nice and slim the stroller folds!

  14. Brandi Elam says:

    I love the Bolero in Wild Green (only because I don’t have a use for a double stroller anymore!). That is such a pretty color! Double strollers have sure come a long way in the last 10 years.

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  16. Very interesting entry, I look forward to the next! Thx for share

  17. Very interesting entry, I look forward to the next! Thx for share

  18. Linda Hawes says:

    tango in wild green

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  22. Ashley says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been having a hard time finding info on this stroller and was worried the company had issues after the recall in 2008(?) or later…. It looks like it has all the features in a super cute package! You’ve convinced me to spring for the Tango over a city mini double, which I’ve been eyeing since I love my single so much.

  23. Lauren says:

    Thanks so much for this helpful review! I just purchased an Amber Yellow Tango via an awesome Zulily deal! Just wondering if you have found a universal cup holder/organizer and a snack tray that works with this stroller?

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