A Blogtastic Extravaganza: Crazy Colorful Wools Spotlight

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When I first entered the world of cloth diapering and informed Dustin that we would no longer be using dryer sheets he was not happy.  Did you know that using dryer sheets will leave a waxy residue on your diapers which will cause them to repel?  Even so I heard many complaints – but what about all the static? – but I like the fresh scent from the dryer sheets?  And so I set out to find a cloth diaper friendly alternative to dryer sheets and that is when I learned about dryer balls!  Today I want to tell you all about one of my favorite WAHM’s that makes dryer balls.

That work at home mom is Danielle Cinderella – owner of Crazy Colorful Wools and she makes some amazing dryer balls.  Each one of her ball’s is made with 100% wool yarn and covered with 100% wool roving.  They are then felted 4 to 5 times to ensure durability.  Each ball is approximately the size of a tennis ball, sometimes larger. Each ball is hand spun by Danielle so there is no exact measurements and each ball will be slightly different from the next.  Now the part that I absolutely love about Danielle’s dryer balls is that you can choose your color combination for her “Crazy Dryer Balls”!  You can choose from light blue, pink, dark blue, yellow, black, red, plum, orange, purple, lime, green, and white.  So many choices!  I decided to go with green and dark blue and I let Danielle know that I was wanting them to resemble little earth’s.  After all dryer balls are better for the environment then dryer sheets!  You can reuse them and they can cut down on drying time which saves energy.

Check out how awesome they turned out.

Wondering why Dilly has that dryer ball up by her nose?  Because they smell amazing!!  For just 25 cents you can add a yummy scent to your dryer ball too and Danielle has an abundance of scent choices too.  I went with Watermelon Hard Candy which smells just like the candy favorite – sweet, juicy, and mouthwatering.  And now I wouldn’t have to hear about the fact that there wouldn’t be a scent to the laundry!  Yay!

Some more benefits to using wool dryer balls includes reducing static (another Dustin complaint from earlier), softens your laundry, no harsh chemicals, cut down on drying time, eco-friendly, and they are perfect for sensitive skin.  I also want to mention don’t get bummed when your beautiful balls start pilling because this is absolutely normal.  In fact this is a good thing because it means your balls are working perfectly!  If it does bother you just give them a lil shave with a fabric shaver which can be bought at most arts and crafts stores.

I love my Crazy Scented dryer balls and I know you will love them too!  Interested in ordering some?  Crazy dryer balls can be purchased for $6.25 each or you can get a Nakey ball for $5 each.  If you want a scent that is an additional 25 cents per ball.

Danielle has generously offered a set of 4 dryer balls which will go to the lucky winner of the A Blogtastic Extravaganza: Bums & Beyond prize pack winner.  The winner will get their choice of nakey/crazy and scented/unscented!  Make sure you have entered on the Rafflecopter entry form below.  This is the same form that is on the Extra Entries post – but with an additional extra entry for the Crazy Colorful Wools spotlight.



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  1. Wendi Niccole says:

    I’d choose the unscented nakey ball!

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