A Blogtastic Extravaganza: Wee Little Changes Spotlight

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For many of us that choose the natural parenting route and especially for those fluff lovers there tends to be a lack of brick and mortar stores that fit our needs.  I know in my area there is only one store and though it is very nice sometimes they just don’t have everything that I am after.  And I am sure for some of you there isn’t a brick and mortar store at all within a reasonable driving distance and so having a great website to go to is a necessity.  Well I have an awesome website to share with you!  Wee Little Changes which is owned by April Winegard and her family.

I’d like to share a bit about April with you…. My family and I own and operate Wee Little Changes out of Wilmington, North Carolina.  Being a SAHM has been so rewarding and I will be forever grateful for the time I have gotten to spend with my children.  The most important thing my family has taught me is how to just live simply and enjoy the little things in life.  I think this quote captures it perfectly, “If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live.”  -Lyn Yutang.  I hope when my children are grown, that they will be able to find joy in the little things life has to offer.  A parent’s job never feels complete, but with each new day comes with it an opportunity to learn, grow and love more than the day before.  Wee Little Changes is dedicated to providing quality (and cute!) products that are good for your baby, the environment and your purse.  I have done countless hours of research on all of our products, and each one has been tested by my family and found to be a winner.  Thank you for the opportunity to help you and your family in some ‘wee little way.

April offered to send one of her tried and true products to be reviewed here at Happenings of the Harper Household and I was very excited to receive a GroVia All-In-One in the modflower print for Sugar to try out.  This diaper will fit babies from approximately 10 to 35+ pounds and comes with an additional snap in soaker to use with heavy wetters or older babies.

The GroVia AIO snaps on the side and has stretchy tabs which allow for a snug fit.  The side snaps are a bit tricky at first when you are used to front snapping diapers, but after a few uses I was getting the hang of it.  And GroVia has a really nice step by step tutorial for snapping their diapers too!  I really like that the inside is made of super soft organic cotton.  This makes for a trim fit and cotton doesn’t seem to hold on to the stinky smell like microfiber does.  I really like how this diaper fits Sugar and I haven’t had any leaking issues at all…. now that she is walking pictures are a bit trickier, but her expressions are too stinkin cute!

Since Sugar is a rather heavy wetter I need to use the additional soaker, but I stumbled into a problem the first time I tried to use my diaper sprayer with my GroVia AIO when we has a massive poop.  When I took the diaper to the toilet I held it near the very back edge which let the soakers hang down (left picture) and caused a major mess when spraying.  Once I figured out that I needed to grip the diaper so that the soakers all stayed up in the diaper (right picture) I was good to go!  So if any of you momma’s use a diaper sprayed you might want to tuck this bit of information into the back of your mind!

Another awesome tip is that the GroVia AIO makes a great first trainer since the tabs are stretchy and can be easily pulled up and down by a toddler.  Has anyone tried this?  What do you think?  I love all the super cute prints and solids that GroVia stocks too – though I would like to see a couple more girly prints…. hey I’m a momma of girls, hehe!

Make sure you check out the Wee Little Changes website they have so many awesome products including numerous brands of cloth diapers, diaper accessories, amber necklaces, and much more.  Keep an eye on their blog for giveaways and they offer free U.S. shipping too!!  Want to win your very own GroVia AIO?  Well April has very generously offered one as a giveaway in the A Blogtastic Extravaganza Bums & Beyond prize pack!  All you have to do is fill out the super simple Rafflecopter entry form below – this is the same entry form as on the Extra Entries post – with an additional entry option for commenting on the Wee Little Changes Spotlight Post.


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48 Responses to A Blogtastic Extravaganza: Wee Little Changes Spotlight

  1. Julie G says:

    My Favorite is the GroVia AIO’s! I love the owls print. It is our go to diaper!

  2. Jessica Hilton says:

    I would love to try the grovia AIO. Heck any of the diapers they carry i would love to try. 🙂 I’ll try any brand or kind still trying to find our favorite!

  3. Kristin G says:

    bum genius is my all time favorite, I would love to one of the artist series

  4. I <3 GroVias, but would love to have a Robbie Adrian Luxury Organic Baby Blanket

  5. Samantha Rudzinski says:

    I have been wanting to try out the Grovia AIO for a while, but I think my favorite item that they sell is the fruit tote in the toy section. It’s so stinkin’ cute!

  6. Aly Mashrah says:

    I like their GroVia diapers!

  7. I NEED NEED NEED a diaper sprayer! LOL!

  8. My favorite items are the Flip Diapers. I love my Flips!

  9. Allison B says:

    CJ’s butt-er

  10. Linda Soul says:

    i love the Bumgenius Artist Collection and the trainers!

  11. Carolyn H says:

    My favorite item they carry are bumGenius Elemental AIO’s!

  12. Olivia L says:

    Moby wrap! I’ve always wanted to try one.

  13. Rebecca M. says:

    I love GroVia’s prints, so cute!

  14. Yesenia says:

    My favorite item is the Bumgenius Elemental AIOs.

  15. My fav item they carry is the FB OS

  16. Jenny Hull says:

    My favorite is the Applecheeks swim diaper!

  17. i like the bumgenius diapers

  18. Mama says:

    I like the GroVia diapers!

  19. Cassandra Cordova Van Slyke says:

    I like the tweedlebugs one size diapers.


  20. Kate Charles says:

    My favorite diaper they carry is the one size FuzziBunz diapers!!! They have so many different brands that I would LOVE to try!!!

    clothmamak8 at gmail dot com

  21. Leanne says:

    I like the Bitzy’s they carry. They are so cute!

  22. Virginia Soul says:

    Thirsties Duo Diaper!!

  23. Becky Hensley says:

    My favorite item they carry is the Amber Teething Necklaces, though they have a lot of other great stuff too! 🙂

  24. LaVonne says:

    I like the bumgenius artist collection cloth diapers.

  25. Andrea says:

    I like the Baltic Amber Necklace!

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