DANO Teething Toys Review & Giveaway

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I don’t want to worry that the toy I give my baby to play with might be made of materials that can be harmful to them, especially since almost everything goes in their mouth.  Playing shouldn’t be full of worry – it should be full of fun.  And that is why I want to tell you about DANO and their baby teething toys.

Sugar must of felt like one lucky baby when her box of DANO teething toys arrived.  She received the DANO Ducki, Circus Teethers, and BugBite.  The Ducki lives in the bathtub while the Circus Teethers and BugBite float about the house.

All of DANO’s baby teething toys are made in the United States – YAY!    Plus they are made of environmentally friendly, medical grade materials that are free from unwanted substances such as BPA, PVC, and Phthalates.  The Circus Teethers come with three rings and a convenient carrying case.  I really like the carrying case because you could use it to keep a set of rings in the diaper bag and they would be easy to find plus stay clean!  The rings come in three different colors, textures, and sizes so that baby can pick and choose what feels best on their sore gums.  The orange ring is flexible, blue is firm, and green is rigid.  The green ring has an opening so the other rings can be linked to it.  I would like it if all the rings has this ability though.

The BugBite teether combines style, functionality, and design into a perfect bite sized package.  A single ring swivels in and out of the hard plastic case.  I think Sugar enjoys swiveling it in and out as much as she likes chewing on it!  And I like that the case can be opened for easy cleaning.  Better yet at $6 this teething toy is competitively priced with teethers made over seas yet it is made in the U.S.A. and is 100% safe for your little one.  It can’t get much better than that!

I think my favorite DANO toy that Sugar received is the DANO Ducki.  I have mentioned in a previous blog post that I hate bath toys that water can remain trapped inside because that inevitably leads to mold, mildew, grime, and just simply grossness.  No one wants that yuckiness on their children’s bath toys – we’re giving them a bath to get clean!!  And that is why I love love love the DANO Ducki.  The bottom opens for easy cleaning and at the end of each bath I simply pop open the hatch and let it air out.  Plus both girls love filling it with water, closing it, and shaking it about.

The DANO Ducki is available in three colors – pink, yellow,and blue.  Of course we chose pink since we have a house full of girls!  The beak and tail of the Ducki are perfect teething surfaces and it is very easy for little hands to grasp.  Oh and the DANO Ducki is top rack dishwasher safe!  I do want to mention that it does not float upright, but that doesn’t seem to interfere with the girls bath time fun as you can see!

Interested in purchasing some DANO teething toys for your little one?  Just visit the DANO website where you can purchase the Circus Teether for $12, BugBite for $6, or Ducki for $9.  Or you could enter to win everything Sugar received here!!


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58 Responses to DANO Teething Toys Review & Giveaway

  1. coley r says:

    my lo loves the bath so i think ducki would be her fav!!

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  3. I think my newborn baby boy would like the BugBite!

  4. Tiffany U says:

    We are DUCK crazy in my house so I would for sure say the Ducki!!!

    • Marselina says:

      You find the coolest thigns!!! So great that you research the toys making sure they are safe for our little ones. Those circus teethers look great too. Kenzie got her first tooth yesterday!!! Njenison@attdotnet

  5. Nikole H. says:

    My daughter would love the Duck best, for sure! ngiraldi at gmail dot com

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  7. mary says:

    duck gets my vote

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