Hevea Pond Bath Toys Review

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Wanna know something that drives me crazy?  The fact that like 99.9% of bath toys sold have some way for water to remain trapped inside.  What happens when water is trapped in an object? MOLD.  MILDEW.  GRIME.  All of that is absolutely disgusting.  I definitely don’t want my children playing with moldy gross toys and I’m sure you don’t want yours to either.  Well that is why I am excited to tell you about Hevea’s new line of bath toys.

Dilly and Sugar received a set of Hevea Pond Bath Toys to try out.  Each set comes with a duck, frog, and fish which are made out of sustainably produced 100% natural rubber and are hand crafted in Europe.  This means they are BPA, Phathalate, and PVC free as well as no artificial colors!  My favorite feature is that each animal is made in a hygienic one piece design – no hole for water to get trapped inside – no mold, mildew, or grime – YAY!!!!  Finally a bath toy that I will not be tossing in the trash because of trapped water.

I was a little concerned that since the Hevea bath toys are not bright and colorful that the girls wouldn’t be that interested in them, but I am pleased to tell you that didn’t effect Dilly and Sugar at all.  These toys have a soft squeezable feel to them which makes them very easy for little hands to grasp in the water.  And also to launch out of the tub at momma while laughing hysterically!

I already mentioned that they are BPA, PVC, and Phathalate free – but I got to mention it again because this is super important when you have little ones that are constantly putting things in their mouth.  By the way Hevea also makes a pacifier out of the same material which I reviewed a few months back!  Sugar thought she was super silly biting the animals and cheesing it up for the camera and of course Dilly had to join in on the fun.

I definitely recommend the Hevea Pond Bath Toys and as you can see they are definitely Dilly and Sugar approved.  Want your own set?  You can purchase one on the Hevea website for $29.99.  How about something a little bigger?  Check out the Hevea Alfie Bath Toy – he’s a big duck which your little one is sure to love too!

We received a set of Hevea Pond Bath Toys to review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions expressed are 100% honest and are mine and mine alone.

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2 Responses to Hevea Pond Bath Toys Review

  1. Samantha Rudzinski says:

    My daughter is just starting to require some toys/entertainment for the bath. These would be great! I love thhat no water will build up in it like every rubber ducky on the market. Plus the bpa free is so important. Now I know what to tell family that she wants for her birthday;)

  2. Laurie P says:

    I came across these while pregnant, totally forgot about them til I read this…We are in need of some new bath stuff now that she is a little older. Must look into getting these, they’re perfect! I still have my sons tiny rubber ducky, and although it’s easy to dry out, if I don’t remember to give it a last squeeze after bath time, it does get a little gross.

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