Teething Bling Exclusive Triangle Pendant Giveaway

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Babies love to chew and grab everything including their momma’s jewelry which leads to many moms removing their jewelry for their babies first few years of life.  Well Smart Mom Jewelry has changed that with Teething Bling.  Teething Bling is jewelry that not only looks awesome on mom, but is also completely safe for babies!  It is made from the same FDA approved material as most teething toys.  They are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex, and lead free plus have a break away clasp as an added safety measure.

I absolutely love all of the donut pendants and bangles.  In fact I have the Moonstone & Onyx gift set which is just stunning!  But Teething Bling has decided to branch out to the dads – how awesome is that?  They have recently designed a triangle pendant which has a more masculine feel to it – yes women can still rock it, but it’s cool enough for a dad too!  It is made of the same awesome material as the donut pendants, but in a new fun shape.

The lovely ladies at Teething Bling were looking for a rockin dad to model this new awesome product for an ad that will be published in a magazine in London.  Guess who’s hubby was chosen….. MINE!  Sugar wasn’t in the mood to cooperate for a photo shoot so Dilly jumped in.  I think they did awesome – check out my models!  Lisa from SayKimchi Photography captured these photos, she is so talented!

Dustin did mention he would like if it had a different cord and was perhaps a bit smaller.  Then again he doesn’t typically wear necklaces, but for his baby girl I am sure he would!  I like with the triangle shape that it seems little ones can reach those painful molars a bit easier than with the donut shaped pendant.  If you want to purchase some Teething Bling for your little one the donut pendants cost between $19.99 and $21.99 – triangle pendants won’t be available til later this fall.  But this is the exciting part!

You can WIN a triangle pendant here at Happenings of the Harper Household!  This is an exclusive giveaway – you will NOT find this anywhere else!!  Win it before you can buy it by filling out the rafflecopter entry form below.  What are you waiting for??? Get entering!!




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93 Responses to Teething Bling Exclusive Triangle Pendant Giveaway

  1. allison says:

    i like the jade, maybe baby girl would stop pinching me if i had this! 🙂

  2. Leah Walker says:

    I would choose the black. It’s such a great idea. They always want to chew on everything you have around your neck anyway.

  3. Francine Anchondo says:


  4. Gena L says:

    jade! My son loves to chew on everything so this is awesome!

  5. Julie G says:

    I would choose jade

  6. NW Homesteader says:

    jade 🙂

  7. Tiffany says:

    Something girlie… and to help with those ouchie toofers

  8. Amy Dillard says:

    Black… would really like to try. My little one just got his first tooth!

  9. Latanya says:

    Jade because they are great for teething babies

  10. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    I would choose the onyx color one
    Black goes with just about everything

  11. angie kunst says:

    I like the zebra pendant

  12. Elizabeth Flynn says:

    I like the black one. I hope it would make teething easier for DD2

  13. Melanie Briggs says:

    I would love a black one for my hubby

  14. Kelli says:

    I would choose black. Such a great idea!

  15. Kate Foster says:

    I would pick the Jade color and I love teething bling because my daughter is constantly putting everything in her mouth and it would be nice to have something handy (and pretty) for her to chew on.

  16. Kati says:

    I would love a black one! I’m do upset I can’t get one now! My 3 month old is teething bad but he’s so tiny nothing but fingers fit in his mouth! So he is teething while he nurses!

  17. Tanaya Syx says:

    These are a great idea! I would pick black so it always matches!

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