Go Green Giveaway Event: HappyBaby Spotlight

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Yesterday I introduced Dandelion and some of their organic toys.  Today it’s time to talk about organic snacks for your toddler!  And so the next sponsor for the “Go Green Giveaway Event: Green Baby/Toddler Prize Pack” is HappyBaby – Premium organic meals for your family!

I’d like to start by giving you a little background information on HappyBaby:
A few short years ago, HAPPYBABY was the first premium baby brand to enter the market in 5 small stores in New York City—at a time when there were no homestyle options for parents to feed their children. Processed foods or homemade baby food—which can be time consuming for busy families—were the only options. A lot has changed, and we are now the leading premium brand of baby and toddler meals in the U.S.—sold in over 10,000 stores with 5 different lines of optimally delicious organic foods for your growing family.

We attribute our success to our dedication to only creating the very best products, our commitment to always doing what is right as a business, our amazing team of brilliant colleagues and advisors—and to you. You are the parents that demand that your children get foods that truly nourish their bodies and support their growth as healthy happy individuals for the years to come.

HappyBaby has an extensive product list including:

HAPPYBABY | Fresh frozen organic baby meals in 15 flavors with a great variety of meats, veggies, grains and fruits for baby’s budding palette.
HAPPYBELLIES | Probiotic dry cereals with DHA for baby’s immunity.
HAPPY BABY PUFFS | Organic puffed grain snacks for babies and toddlers with half the sugar and nothing artificial.
HAPPYMELTS | Organic freeze-dried yogurt snacks with pre and probiotics for baby’s optimal digestive health.
HAPPYBABY Pouches | Organic Baby Food
HAPPYTOT | Organic Superfood for Tots and Tykes
HAPPYMUNCHIES | Baked Organic Cheese & Veggie Snacks
HAPPYBITES | Toddler meals with hidden veggies and balanced nutrition

I received three coupons in the mail so that Dilly and Sugar could try out the HappyTots, HappyMunchies, and HappyBites since these items were more geared towards their age level.  Sugar is kinda over the “puffs” and “melts” from another well known brand – she thinks she’s so grown up, hehe –  so I knew she would like the Munchies better.  And so I set out to locate these items in our town (Canton, Ohio).  There is a big list of stores that carry HappyBaby products on their website, but the only store out of that list in our town is Target and so that is where I went.  I decided to snap a picture of the HappyBaby selection in our local target with my Droid.  They had a rather large selection, but unfortunately no frozen products so we were unable to try the HappyBites.  Their selection was more geared towards younger babies instead of toddlers or preschoolers so I will definitely keep that in mind if we have another little one.

Today we headed over to my sister-in-law and her fiance’s home for Sunday dinner… it was tacos in case you were wondering, hehe.  Anyhow!  After dinner I broke out the HappyMunchies for Dilly, Geronimo (my nephew), Sugar, and Spice (my niece).  Dilly and Geronimo were too busy running around being crazy two and three year olds to stand still for a picture, but Sugar and Spice were willing to try them.  I chose the Organic Cheddar Cheese with Carrot HappyMunchies for the girls.  Some interesting facts about this snack include: contains 25mg choline per serving for healthy brain development, made with whole grain corn, 60% less sodium then the leading toddler cheese snack, USDA-certified organic.  Not to mention the packaging is even green being made from 62% post recycled content.  Plus they are recommended and developed by Dr. Bob Sears, renowned pediatrician and author of The Baby Book.  So all of those facts are fine and dandy, but it only matters if the girls like them… so what do you think?? Hehe.

The HappyTots come in 5 different fruit and veggie combinations with super grains and also contain 822 mg of natural omega-3’s per serving.  Plus they are rich in antioxidants, always organic with no artificial flavoring, and comes in portable packaging which is BPA free.  I chose the Butternut Squash and Apple combo because Sugar loved all of the homemade butternut squash baby food I made for her when she was little.  Since she’s not the biggest fan of fruits I thought maybe she would eat this if it had a hint of the squash taste to it.  Well I will be honest with you…. I was wrong.  BUT Spice loved it!  When she was eating it a little bit squeezed out of the package and so her dad tried it.  He said and I quote “This is ACTUALLY pretty good – it just tastes like applesauce!”  And so that is why Sugar wasn’t fond of it….. now if he would have said it tasted like squash she probably woulda been all about it, hehe.  But Spice enjoyed it a lot and her parents both said that they would like to get them for when they are out and about for a mess free snack….. now if only I could get Sugar to like them too!  I mean really…. what kid prefers veggies to fruits?  I suppose we will have to try out some of the other varieties too.


There are a few more things I have to mention about HappyBaby.  All of their products are made in the United States – I love this because there have been so many recalls of products made over seas.  And also Project Peanut Butter – for every package of HappyBaby products you purchase they work with Project Peanut Butter to provide food to starving children in Africa.  So not only are you putting healthy organic food into your own child’s belly, but you are also helping to put food into another child’s belly on the other side of the world.  Kind of gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.  So if you want to help the cause stock up on HappyBaby products for your family.  Check out the HappyBaby website where you can shop now or find a store near you!

Make sure to come back and enter the Go Green Giveaway Event from October 5th – 11th where you can win two coupons for each product line, recipes, and nutrition guide.

In the mean time leave a comment below telling me something you learned or like about HappyBaby as well as what product you would like to get for your little one – when the giveaway starts this will count as an extra entry.  You will simply have to click “I DID THIS!” beside “Comment on HappyBaby Spotlight Post” on the entry form – easy peasy.

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37 Responses to Go Green Giveaway Event: HappyBaby Spotlight

  1. April G says:

    Love that they are organic and that they have toddler and baby foods!

  2. polly says:

    i learned their products are always bpa free

  3. latanya says:

    I love the pouches. Very easy to carry around with you while you are out and about.

  4. I love the variety, and my daughter, though almost 3, will still eat Happy Baby snackies!

  5. Melissa H. says:

    I’d love to try out the HappyMunchies!

  6. stacy h says:

    seriously, how did we ever survive out and about without these pouches???!!! i’m so glad they came out when my son was a baby. they were lifesavers- in fact at almost 2yrs we STILL keep one or two in the diaper bag for emergencies. even my 4yr old loves them!

  7. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love the pouches! They are so convenient and dd likes them too! I just wish they sold more of their products around here! It’s hard to find them!

  8. Michele P. says:

    my grandson had tried the happymunchies and loves them… still don’t know where the frozen foods are in my area though 🙁

  9. The convenience factor, paired with organic ingredients, allows a parent to feed their child without worrying about the ingredients. Love it!

  10. Claire says:

    i learned their products are always bpa free

  11. what do says:

    I go to see day-to-day some blogs and websites to read articles or reviews, however this blog presents feature
    based articles.

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