Mutsy Transporter Review

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It’s safe to say I have a bit of a stroller addiction.  Some women like shoes or purses….I like strollers.  That being said it takes a lot to impress me and just because I love strollers does not mean I love all strollers.  However, the stroller I am going to tell you about today…. ya I’m pretty much in love with it, hehe.  Am I driving you crazy yet?  Wanna know what stroller it is?  The Mutsy Transporter!

When the Mutsy Transporter arrived at our home it was very simple to put together.  The seven pieces below snapped together with ease and we were ready to stroll around the block within minutes of opening the box.

I absolutely love the sporty look of the Mutsy Transporter – it’s one of those strollers that is definitely the envy of the playground, hehe.  When unfolded it measures 79 cm long, 65 cm wide, and 110 cm high and weighs 7.7 kg.  It is very easy to maneuver, even in tight spots like mall stores and glides with ease due to the front swivel wheels which can also be locked in place if you so desire.  By simply stepping on the black bar across the back of the stroller you will engage the brake on both wheels.  I really like this because on many strollers you have to engage the lock on each wheel individually.  The seat is easily adjustable with a simple strap that tightens.  One of my favorite features by far is the adjustable handle bar!  Depending on your height there are four positions the handle bar can be set to making this the perfect stroller for tall people, short people, and everyone in between.

A stroller that folds and unfolds with ease is super important to me.  I want to be able to grab it out of the trunk and within seconds be ready to use it – the Mutsy is exactly that plus it folds super compactly.  There is no need to remove the seat to fold and if you desire it to be even more compact all four wheels can be removed.  However, in our Ford Escape and Ford Focus we have no problem fitting it in with the wheels still attached with room left over.

There are quite a few other things I love about the Mutsy Transporter – check out this video!  Please excuse the crazy children, hehe.

As I mentioned in the video the Mutsy Transporter will also accommodate numerous infant carries as well as a cot which can be purchased separately from the stroller.  The Mutsy Transporter is available in black, gray, red, and sand with matching cots.  Interested in purchasing one?  Visit the Mutsy website where you can grab one for $399.99.  I have to say this is an awesome stroller that is truly worth every penny!  We take it everywhere we go and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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20 Responses to Mutsy Transporter Review

  1. Janet W. says:

    That stoller is so neat! I love how the storage basket underneath looks easy to get to.

  2. Ashley T says:

    Love the review! The video is so cute! I did laugh a couple of times because you were talking about the stroller and Dilly blocked the wheels. LOL
    I love your voice. Its better than mine!

  3. Skye says:

    Must be a comfortable stroller if your kids are fighting about who gets to be in it!

  4. I love how easily it folds up!

  5. Wow! thats an awesome stroller. I love the handle, the underbasket, and how small it folds. Great review! The girls are cute!

  6. Laura says:

    The stroller looks amazing! Great review, thanks for sharing.

    • King says:

      You’re the one with the brains here. I’m wanichtg for your posts.

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  7. Wow! I love how compact it is, and how easy it is to fold up and down. I have the Graco Cleo and it is AWFUL. I’ve used it several times, and it still takes me at least 5-10 minutes just to get it to fold down each time. 😛
    (and it’s fun to see you all in action…your girls are adorable!)

  8. WOW, I LOVE that stroller! I can’t believe it is so compact considering it is big enough to hold both girls, even your older one!

  9. You and your girls are just too cute in that video! I am dying for one of these!!

  10. Amanda says:

    What a cool stroller. I love the adjustable handle! And your girls are adorable! 🙂

  11. Stacie says:

    Awesome stroller! Makes me sad that we’re nearing the end of our stroller years, otherwise I’d think about getting one of these. 🙁

  12. Darcy says:

    I like the brake bar! I need one of these I think… Wonder what else they have

  13. Ps Mamae says:

    Looks so fancy! Makes me wanna take a ride in it.

  14. socialmom44 says:

    Thanks for the review – looks like a fabulous stroller!

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