Friendly Debates with the Danielles: Circumcision

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Welcome to Week 5 of Friendly Debates With The Danielles!

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“Circumcision: Yay or Nay? What do YOU say?”
Nay.  A million times nay.
Dustin and I don’t have a son.  We have two beautiful girls, but there is a possibility that we could have a son.  And if we do I am certain that I do not want him to be circumcised.  The main reason behind my opinion on this topic is that my son’s foreskin is not MY foreskin and therefore I do not have the right to make the decision if it should be removed or not. 
Plus if little boys are born with foreskin obviously it is there for a reason!  And that reason according to the Canadian Children’s Rights Council (CCRC), is that “at birth, the foreskin is normally fused to the underlying glans, protecting that delicate organ and, also, the urinary meatus. As the child gets older, the foreskin very gradually loosens and becomes retractible. . . . Modern circumcision . . . forcibly detaches the protective foreskin from the glans and removes what would eventually become a third or more of the adult’s total penile skin covering.”  Why on earth are we allowing doctors to cut off skin that baby boys are born with that is meant to protect a sensitive part of their body?  This makes no sense to me!
Those that are for modern circumcision usually point to evidence that circumcised males have a decreased risk for urinary tract infections and that it lessens the chance of spreading sexually transmitted diseases….  but did you know:
Yes, it is true that a circumcised male has a decreased risk of urinary tract infections, especially in their first year of life.  BUT the risk for an uncircumcised male to develop a urinary tract infection is still LESS THAN 1%! 
Not to mention the only way to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases is to wear a condom!  If we raise our sons to use proper protection there will be no concern of sexually transmitted diseases even if they are uncircumcised. 
Plus in the vast majority of cases the newborn baby is not given any pain relief – just because they are a newborn does not mean they do not feel pain!  As a mother I can barely stand to see my girls get a vaccination let alone allow a doctor to cut off my son’s foreskin.
If this was medically necessary than there would be medical organizations advocating for it, but at the present time there are absolutely no major medical organizations that are in favor of routine modern male circumcision.  In fact the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has this to say, “Existing scientific evidence demonstrates potential medical benefits of newborn male circumcision; however, these data are not sufficient to recommend routine neonatal circumcision.”  Those potential medical benefits – ya that’s the urinary tract infection thing I mentioned previously.  Oh and the cleanliness of the penis and foreskin…. well, all that takes is one lesson in proper hygiene and that problem is gone as well.
And so… no I will not be circumcising my son, if I have a son, that is.  I am not quite sure what Dustin’s view point on this is…. at the moment he would most likely say yes so that his son would look like him, but I have a feeling if I presented him with this evidence that he would change his mind.  If we have a boy he will totally be sporting this onesie at the hospital…
So now it is your turn!  Did you circumcise your son or did you leave him intact… and why did you make that choice?  Or what choice would you make if you had a son in the future.  Link up and let us know!


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5 Responses to Friendly Debates with the Danielles: Circumcision

  1. Madeline Jones says:

    I’m in agreement with you!

  2. Roxanne D. says:

    I agree, too. It’s a totally unnecessary procedure and I wish more people educated themselves before doing this to their children.

  3. Hannah VW says:

    I agree. Good summary.

    And I’m not sure I even believe the research that circumcision can prevent even a small number of UTIs. I think that intact boys sometimes get forcefully retracted (by uneducated doctors or caretakers), causing infection, and that preemies (more prone to infections in general) sometimes are not circumcised b/c they are too little/sick. Either way, girls get lots and lots more UTIs than boys so I don’t think it’s a valid reason to circumcise boys or girls.

  4. Regan says:

    Hello. I stumbled upon this post on Twitter of all things and was just going to agree with you, but it turned into much more than that. I feel VERY strongly about this topic and decide to write a blog post and link up. I am following both of you now and look forward to maybe participating in more of your friendly debates 🙂

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