Monday Meet & Greet: Six in the Nest

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It’s time to introduce my readers to the 20th and final blogger of Monday Meet & Greet…. and yes, I know it is Tuesday!  This lovely lady is the person who put together the idea of Monday Meet & Greet and it is finally her turn to be featured.  And so here we go…

Six in the Nest

Name: Jenilee

Where do you blog? Six in the Nest

How did you decide on what to name your blog? I have six children, so I was trying to think up a good “play” on that… and I LOVE birds, so Six in the Nest seemed to come naturally.

Tell us a little about you…  Well, I am a mother and wife. I am 27 years old. I have my associate’s degree in healthcare administration, and I currently work at a nursing home as a CNA and at the United States Post Office as a rural carrier. I am a MAJOR procrastinator a lot of the time, and tend to be pretty forgetful… I blame it on my crazy life!

Tell us 5 of your favorite things, and 5 of your least favorite things.

Favorite Things:

  • 1.  My Family
  • 2. The internet
  • 3. The color green
  • 4. Birds
  • 5. Spring

Least Favorite Things:

  • 1. Death
  • 2. Liars
  • 3. Vomit/Spit
  • 4. Chapped Lips
  • 5. Little boys’ aim

When and why did you start blogging? I originally started back in October 2009 I believe…but didn’t blog regularly until my friend Skye started blogging. It made me interested in it and she introduced me to review blogging.

 What do you blog about? Family, life, reviews, giveaways…whatever else I feel like sharing.

What does your family think of your blog? Do they read it? My immediate family loves it.. my exteded family reads it sometimes, not sure what they think of it.

When do you find the time to blog? Lately, I don’t. :/ I have been SOO busy, but I am getting back into “the swing of things” and I will be taking more time in the evening to write again!

What is your favorite blog post ever?  Hmm. Hard to choose! How about this one.

What has been your biggest blogging challenge? I didn’t realize how much work it really is. It is difficult for me to be organized like I need to. I’ve lost my review lists (when my children took my notebook)…that was devastating! I still have companies emailing me because I had forgotten to post their review. I also struggle with finding time most days to actually write, which is disappointing because I really do love to write.

What advice would you give a new blogger?  Google is your best friend! I have learned SO much just from searching for the answers to questions I have.

What are your favorite blogs to read? I haven’t had a chance to really read any blogs recently, but I do have many blogging friends and I love to catch up with their blogs when I can!

Where can we find you? Facebook, Twitter, Google+

I hope you have had a good time meeting all these new bloggers over the past 20 weeks and finding new fun giveaways to enter.  Make sure you stop by and tell Jenilee hi and that Happenings of the Harper Household sent you over.  And thanks Jenilee for putting this awesome feature together!

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