Spring Fever Sponsor Spotlight: Tommee Tippee

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The Spring Fever giveaway event is right around the corner – are you getting excited yet?  I know I am!  And the Ultimate Breastfeeding Prize Pack {$230+} I have lined up is pretty awesome if I do say so myself, hehe.  So it’s time to start telling you about all the awesome sponsors.  The first sponsor spotlight is for Tommee Tippee which is a company I absolutely L.O.V.E.

I received quite a few Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Breastfeeding products to try out including the Electric Breast Pump, Breast Care Starter Pack, Milk Storage Pots x6 Plus Tray, and Storage Lids to try out.


When it comes to breastfeeding since I am a stay at home mom I pretty much exclusively breastfeed by means of the breast.  The only time that I need to pump is if the hubby and I would like to go out on a date, if I want to leave the kiddos at home with him while I run errands, or things of that nature.  And yes I will be honest… I am “that” mom when my kiddos are little… I would rather just take them with me and feed them the way I prefer, but sometimes it is necessary to be separated from them for brief times and I think the Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump is perfect for moms like me.

So what all comes in the Electric Breast Pump Kit?
1 single electric breast pump
1 bottle stand
2 spare valves
1 5 fluid ounce bottle with slow flow nipple & cover
2 protection pods
6 breast pads
1 sterilization box

Something that I absolutely love about the Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump is that you have the choice of using it by plugging it into an electrical outlet or by using batteries.  This makes it so versatile because I can use it at home to express milk before I would need to leave the lil one or I could use it out and about if I was to become engorged while away.  You can also choose from four different levels of expression which range from a gentle massage to promote let down to an intense suckling for maximum expression.  All of theseDSCF1157 choices is what really makes me love Tommee Tippee.  You even have the option of what you express the breast milk into!  For smaller amounts you can place a two or four ounce protection pod in the bottle – once you are done pumping you would remove the pod and add a safe seal cover.  Those protection pods can then be snapped into the storage tray for convenient storing in the fridge or freezer.  For larger amounts you can express directly into five or nine ounce Tommee Tippee bottles and cover them with a protection lid for storage needs.  The pump is a little noisy, but from my experience with many breast pumps they are all rather noisy… I mean think about it, you are pumping milk out of your breasts, hehe!  Even babies aren’t the quietest nursers… at least Dilly and Sugar weren’t – you could actually hear them sucking and swallowing away.  Over all I think this is an awesome pump for those moms who need to pump every once in a while for the times they absolutely have to be away from their babies – if you were exclusively pumping to breastfeed I would suggest leaning towards a double pump.


I’m one of those super milk producers… even after two kiddos my breasts have not learned how to regulate themselves and I truly think I could feed triplets without any problem.  Since I produce so much milk I am in constant need of breast pads or else I would find myself in a very embarrassing situation, hehe.  This is why I was super pumped to see the Tommee Tippee Breast Pad Starter Kit.  This kit comes with 1 reusable bag, 2 washable breast pads, and 36 disposable breast pads.  I love the little reusable bag because I can throw some breast pads in there, toss it in my diaper bag, and know exactly where they are without worrying they are getting dirty or crumpled.  Plus I think it is great that Tommee Tippee has taken into consideration that some of us moms are more eco-friendly and prefer a washable breast pad that we can reuse over and over.

Basically I can’t say enough good things about Tommee Tippee!!  They are one of my favorite companies and they are the ONLY bottles I have ever used for Dilly and Sugar which means they will be the only bottles I will be using for Baby Girl as well.  I love that I can pump directly into the bottles and can’t wait to actually try out the pump once Baby Girl gets here.  Of course I will update you on how much milk I am able to express and things of that nature – but judging from the suction on this pump I know I will be pleased!

I hope you love Tommee Tippee too because in the Ultimate Breastfeeding Prize Pack you have the opportunity to win some of these awesome products too including:  Breast Pad Starter Kit, Breast Milk Protection Pods x6 Plus Tray, and Storage Lids!

Make sure you have entered on the giveaway post and if you comment below with your absolute favorite Tommee Tippee product or with one you would love to try and WHY you qualify for some more extra entries!  Be sure to click “Do It!” beside “Comment on the Tommee Tippee Spotlight Post.”


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37 Responses to Spring Fever Sponsor Spotlight: Tommee Tippee

  1. Addison Kat says:

    I’d really love to try their pump. I have only previously used one pump and it’s a little over four years old and it’s not working as well as it used to. So I’ve been looking at different types of breast pumps trying to decide which one to get for the upcoming baby.

  2. Jennie says:

    The reusable pads are really a great idea – I’d love to give them a try. I’m all for reusable (when it doesn’t sacrifice comfort or how well it works)

  3. Jessica O says:

    Sounds like a great pump! I like the fact that you can use batteries if you are out and about and not near an outlet.

  4. Jessica says:

    I was actually looking at this pump in Target the other day wondering if I should buy it. Thank you for the review!

  5. Everything we’ve tried from Tommee Tippee so far we have loved! I would definitely like to try out their pump with our next child!!

  6. Kelly Falcone says:

    I have tried other products by Tommee Tippee and loved them, so I would be interested to try this

  7. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I would love to try their DECT Digital Sensor Pad Monitor! It would give me a little more peace of mind when our future babies start sleeping in their own crib! I love that you can talk to your baby without having to go into the room!

  8. Heidi says:

    I would love to try the nursing wrap – so cool that it has the cotton liner!

  9. Joy Pablo says:

    This looks like such an amazing system! I love Tommee Tippee products. I would definitely love to try their electric breast pump

  10. Kathy Davis says:

    I like the Tommee Tippee Breast Pad Starter Kit. Like the reusable pads.

  11. sara wood says:

    I love tommee tippee products. I would love to have this.

  12. Debbie P says:

    This kit sounds great! I will remember this for when I have kids.

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