Friendly Debates with the Danielles: Placenta Encapsulation

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Welcome to Week 25 of Friendly Debates With The Danielles!

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Placenta Encapsulation: Yay or Nay? What do YOU say?

I say YAY – even though I haven’t done it before.  The only reason I haven’t done it before is honestly because I knew nothing about it.  When Dilly and Sugar were born the placenta was just this yucky thing that came out afterwards and it got tossed in the trash.  Thinking about that now makes me really sad – after all that organ kept my child alive through my pregnancy – it gave them life and I just let the hospital throw it in the trash?  And so this time around with Baby Girl I really want to have my placenta encapsulated. 

So what exactly is Placenta Encapsulation? 

placenta1To explain as simply as possible the placenta is steamed, dehydrated, and ground up.  This powder is then put into capsules which the new mother takes one or more of each day.  You can hire someone to do this for you – which can be pricey – or you can do it yourself.  There are someplacenta2 great tutorials online for completing the process yourself.  I suggest checking out Wandering Dona because she includes great pictures.

So now that you know what placenta encapsulation is I bet you are wondering why on earth anyone would want to do this?  Well there are lots of awesome benefits!

– contain your own natural hormones
– be perfectly made for you
balance your system
replenish depleted iron
– give you more energy
lessen bleeding postnatally
– been shown to increase milk production
– help you have a happier postpartum period
– hasten return of uterus to pre-pregnancy state

Seriously…. those are some awesome benefits!  All from something that typically gets tossed in the trash, well at least in the United States.  I personally know that for me after Dilly and Sugar were born I had hardly any energy because of the amount of blood lost and then the nearly 8 weeks of postnatal bleeding, so if I can lessen that I would be ecstatic.  And if it helps me to balance back out emotionally after birth that would be a tremendous help as well.  I remember after Sugar was born crying because I felt like when I was holding her I should be playing with Dilly and when I was playing with Dilly that I should be holding Sugar….. boy oh boy was I an emotional wreck.  So that is definitely why I want to try out placenta encapsulation this time around, but did you know there are other things you can do with the placenta if you would like to celebrate this awesome organ, but not actually ingest it?

placenta3Placenta Art Prints
Plant a Placenta Fruit Tree

So what about you?  Did you do anything with your placenta?  Plan to do something with your placenta from future childbirths?  I know the whole idea may sound gross…. especially for the squeamish, but I think it’s really cool!  And the more I look at those art prints I want to do that too….. so perhaps I will see if I can get a good print with just the blood that is on it and then go about the encapsulating process.

Make sure to leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts and link up to if you would like!

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10 Responses to Friendly Debates with the Danielles: Placenta Encapsulation

  1. wow… i don’t think I could do that, though I can see the benefits.

  2. I still need to look into this in my area, I am so curious how much it costs to have done. I know that I could not do this myself, well I don’t think I could… but I’d love to have it done for me!

  3. I am not sure that I could do that even with all the benefits…

  4. Karen says:

    I had not heard of this before.. This is very interesting and I would look into it if we were going to have another baby. Very though provoking!

  5. Amy says:

    i have never heard of that before… It is defiantly something to consider, i just dont know if i could do it.

  6. I had heard that it was common practice in ancient times for mothers to eat their placenta. It is interesting that it is “sort of” happening again today. I’m not sure that I would ever do it myself, but more power to you if you want to try it.

  7. Leah T says:

    I would pay someone to do it for me. I had PPD really bad with my last baby and a lot of people told me that I should have done this. So yes I will do this next time. I think it is a much better alternative to other medication that can be passed through your breast milk.

  8. Jessica Beardmore Hilton says:

    what a great idea and a great alternative to modern medications!

  9. Heidi says:

    The benefits sound great, but are there any side affects? Have there been any reputable studies done? I don’t think I could do it because of the thought of eating blood, which is forbidden in the old biblical laws, so there must be a good reason not to eat blood! Also, I wonder how much nutrients actually remain after steaming, cooking, and grinding it?

  10. Kimberlie T says:

    I agree it has great benefits, but I’m too grossed out to actually do that myself.

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