How We Met…

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I’m in a sappy emotional pregnant mood….. and you are thinking – “what’s new??” Right? Hehe.  Anyhow it got me to thinking about how Dustin and I met.  I mean after all if we had never met I wouldn’t have these two beautiful little girls and another little princess on the way. 

And so here is the story of how we met…

In August of 2006 I had just gotten out of a relationship that just really wasn’t going anywhere and wasn’t good for either of us.  I was having fun hanging out with my friends and enjoying the summer.  While at work one day a fellow co-worker mentioned that her boyfriend’s cousin was single and that she thought we would get along well and wanted to know if I would be open to going on a double date.  I wasn’t too sure about this whole idea…. I wanted to see a picture of this guy and know more about him first, but she wasn’t able to get a picture.  All I knew was that he was a “good looking guy that was really nice”… now that could mean almost anything.  I also want to mention that he DID see a picture of me before hand which was SO not fair, hehe.  Anyhow… I decided that I would go on this half blind double date to the bowling alley that very evening.  Still don’t know what possessed me to do that since it was completely out of character for me. 

I told my co-worker that she had to drive so if this guy turned out to be completely ugly not my type that I could grab a drink from the bar – no judging – bowling alley’s have great bars, hehe.  We also came up with some silly high schoolish code words to use so she would know if I liked him or not.  When he walked in with her boyfriend I completely forgot what those code words were and I think I had to pick my jaw up off the dirty bowling alley floor,love hehe.  We all spent the next few hours bowling and chatting…. well I spent it chatting with my co-worker and her boyfriend, Dustin was super shy.  He seriously did not say a word to me til we were all heading out.  And by that point I thought he definitely wasn’t interested.  Then we got outside and he started talking and talking and soon my co-worker was complaining that we needed to get going because we had to work early the next day.  I was hoping he would ask me for my phone number, but no luck…. instead he invited me to church – which I suppose showed more about his character than if he has asked me for my number.

On the way back to my house she asked me if I liked him and I told her “Ummmm ya!  But he didn’t even ask me for my number!”  And so I let her know that when she talked to her boyfriend that if he said Dustin was interested she could give my number to him to give to Dustin.  Did ya follow that, hehe?  Literally from the point of getting out of her car to walking up to l_baec50b242725e889c2ca4efe020fbbathe door and unlocking it my phone was ringing….. hmmm, guess someone was interested after all!  We made plans to hang out the next night and have been inseparable ever since.  Less than a year later my co-worker became my cousin-in-law, is that even a real term? Hehe.

I really am still amazed by how we met.  I have no idea why I went to that bowling alley that night with no idea whatsoever of who I was going to meet.  And it makes me wonder about how other people met.  Was it a blind date, high school sweet heart, maybe even an online dating agency?  Leave me a comment below and let me know!  I love hearing these kind of stories.

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4 Responses to How We Met…

  1. That is such an awesome story! I love hearing everyone’s stories about how they met, too. Great post!! 🙂

  2. Stacie B says:

    What a sweet story! I get sappy even when I’m not pregnant,and I love “how we met” stories. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jessica Hilton says:

    Love these kinds of stories! Corey and I met on a somewhat blind date 🙂 I dont know if it can truely be counted as a blind date since we did go to highschool together. I had dated his friend for a while after high school and it didn’t work out and months later after we had broke it off he asked if he could give Corey my number. I hesitated for a very long time but eventually gave in and one walk with our dogs on a beautiful Sunday afternoon around Atwood lake and we were inseperable. 🙂

  4. Jody Hardwick says:

    I absolutely love to read about how everyone meets their one. Very sweet and fun!

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