I’m a Supahstah at Mother of Pearl It is!


Did you know that I am a Supahstah?


Well, if you didn’t you do now!  I am being featured over at the awesome blog, Mother of Pearl It Is, which is written by one of my favorite bloggers – Tree!  By the way, not only is Tree an awesome blogger, but she also is the owner of Pearl Tree Designs and is SO talented.  My header?  My Friendly Debates with the Danielles button?  Yup, that was totally Tree!  Told ya she was talented and reasonably priced too.

Now getting back to the fact that I am a Supahstah!  Make sure you head on over and check out all the juicy details I had to share about myself and my blog and while you’re there how about leaving me some love in a comment?

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  1. Huh, somehow I missed this one :) I’ll have to head over and check this out – And for anyone reading this… I LOVE Tree and her work!

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