InGenuity Sleep Easy Playard Review & Giveaway

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ingenuityIt’s hard to believe that in roughly seventeen weeks Baby Girl will be joining our family. With the date creeping closer and closer I have been getting our house ready for a newborn which means gathering up all the necessary baby gear.  One piece of baby gear that gets tons of use from the newborn stage through toddler years is a playard (pack n play) and InGenuity has some great options.

IMG_0245We received the InGenuity Sleep Easy Playard in Sumner Fashion.  There are a few features about this playard that make it truly unique from other options currently available and so when the box arrived I was super excited to open it up and put everything together.  And here is what everything looked like once I opened the box.IMG_0246

The playard was super easy to put together and within just a few minutes I had everything up and ready to go.


Now at first glance this playard might not look that much different from other available products by other companies – but trust me it is!  For starters you don’t have to remove the bassinet before folding the playard and packing it IMG_0484away.  I love this “One Less Step” feature because it saves so much time.  In those beginning months when we are constantly using the bassinet feature I won’t have to deal with taking it on and off every time I want to pack up the playard and take it with us.  However, once we reach the point that we don’t need the bassinet feature anymore it unzips for easy removal.  Plus the bassinet has a SleepEasy incline so baby can either sleep flat or onIMG_0253 a slight incline which I imagine would be great for refluxy babies… I didn’t have to deal with that problem with Dilly or Sugar, but you never know what the future holds.  Another feature I love is all the storage that is easily accessible under the playard, but what I love about this storage area is that there is a buckle latch so that curious toddlers – cough, Sugar, cough – won’t be able to get inside and toss everything out! Hehe.

Oh another thing I want to mention is that from far away this playard looks more boyish, but when you see the details up close it is actually very gender neutral which made me super happy since another little princess is joining our family.


Since it’s going to be a while until Baby Girl arrives I have been using the InGenuity Sleep Easy Playard as just the playard for a place for the little boy I babysit to sleep when he is over.  I wondered if he would go to sleep easily in it since he is used to sleeping in a crib here, but he goes right to sleep with no problem.  I think this is because the padding in the sleeping surface is actually rather soft instead of feeling like you are sleeping on a piece of plywood.  Sugar also likes napping and playing in it…. to give you an idea she is almost two years old and weighs twenty-six pounds.  I love how she sleeps with her legs tucked under her and her butt up in the air, but even when she stretches out completely she still has plenty of room.


A few other features that I hadn’t mentioned yet include an elevated changing table that easily pivots out of the way and soothing sounds station which includes 5 melodies and 3 nature sounds to comfort baby.  I absolutely love this playard, especially the fact that it is perfect for birth up to 30 pounds which means I can use it for Sugar and Baby Girl when she arrives and highly recommend it if you are in the market for a playard that has everything you need plus awesome extra features you aren’t going to find anywhere else!  Not to mention at $139.99 it’s very reasonably priced.

Make sure to check out the InGenuity website for all their other awesome baby products – all affordably priced so that your baby can have the very best regardless of your budget.  Oh and guess what you can win the exact same playard we tried out by filling out the Rafflecopter form below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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93 Responses to InGenuity Sleep Easy Playard Review & Giveaway

  1. Nikole H. says:

    I think it’s great that the bassinet does not have to be removed to pack it up! I’d also like to try their
    InGenuity™ Automatic Bouncer™.

  2. Leanne M says:

    I’d like the InGenuity™ Automatic Bouncer™

  3. Tamara says:

    I love that it seems like they’ve thought of it all and that it’s so easy to use. Plus the extra storage is super nice to have!

    The ingenuity swings look great too – I like that both have open tops so it’s easy to get the baby in and out.

  4. Beth R says:

    I would love to try the InGenuity Perfect Place High Chair.
    I love the extra storage on the playyard!! Everything so easy to find

  5. Robyn Galloway says:

    I love the zip on bassinet! I would also love to have the automatic bouncer!

  6. Joseph Lee says:

    I love how it has a bassinet also!

  7. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love that the changing table pivots out of the way! I would love the InGenuity Cozy Coo Sway Seat too

  8. mframe says:

    I love that it has a bassinet too.
    I love the
    InGenuity™ Cozy Coo™ Sway Seat

  9. Jacqui says:

    Love the fact you don’t need to remove the bassinet and love the colors

  10. Emily Cotton says:

    The cozy coo sway seat looks awesome! <3

  11. Would love to try the highchair.

  12. JA says:

    love the ingenuity cradle and sway swing

  13. Kelly D says:

    I like that it includes 5 melodies and 3 nature sounds to comfort baby and I also like the InGenuity™ Grow With Me Rocker™

  14. Katie O says:

    I love the incline feature, perfect for after feeding! And I’d love to try the Grow With Me Rocker!

  15. Livivua Chandler says:

    I like the colors can go both ways for a boy or girl and I also like the highchair.

  16. Sarah Avila says:

    I’d like to try the
    InGenuity™ Automatic Bouncer™

  17. isis sample says:

    Love the bassinet incline feature. Id love to try their swing.

  18. Molly Bussler says:

    The bassinet and changing table are very nice! And I would also like to try the The InGenuity Grow With Me Rocker. Thank you

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