Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Havaianas Review & Giveaway

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What woman doesn’t like shoes?  I know before I had kiddos shoe shopping was one of the things I indulged in all the time – probably more than I should have, hehe.  But now that the girls are here it’s rare that I get a new pair of shoes instead I’m constantly buying shoes for their ever growing feet!  But I found some shoes and sandals that are just awesome and would make a great Mother’s Day gift for that momma in your life who may not be able to splurge on shoes for herself all the time anymore.

Those shoes and sandals are made by Havaianas.  Havaianas stands for style, comfort, affordable luxury, and positive energy. As a part of this positive energy Havaianas believes in social and environmental responsibility and so they participate in many programs and contribute to organizations ensuring they do their part to support society and our planet.

And now to the IMG_0794shoes!!  As I mentioned they sell both the Havaianas womens sandals collection as well as shoes, but I decided to go with the Origine Eco Espadrille in acqua.  I will be honest with you I hate my toes… absolutely despise them and so I don’t really like to wear open toe shoes, but finding a comfy casual pair of summery shoes with closed toes is near impossible.  That is until I found these shoes.  And oh my gosh – I L.O.V.E. these shoes.  I decided to go with these specific shoes because they are eco-friendly being made of jute which is grown along side the Amazonian River.  And so they don’t require any fertilizer or pesticides to make.  I absolutely adore the stitching that holds the fabric to the sole and they are just so stinkin comfy.  I seriously wear these shoes constantly.  I don’t even care if they match my outfit, hehe.  Unlike many slip on shoes these stay on even when chasing after my crazy kiddos when out at the park or playing in the yard at home.  Plus even when my feet are a lil pudgy and my ankles start to swell – thank you pregnancy – they still feel great! In my Origine Eco Espadrille’s I can be trendy, environmentally conscious, and I won’t break the bank – perfection for a momma.


Now for those of you who like to show off your tootsies Havaianas has a huge selection of sandals in different styles, colors, ect.  You can even design your very own custom sandals so you can be truly unique!  Or perhaps design a pair as a Mother’s Day gift in your momma’s favorite color!


mamaOf course I had to play around with the customization tool and designed a pair of sandals that would be for me from my Dilly and Sugar…. since they call me Mama.  Awwww, too cute!!

An interesting fact:  Did you notice the textured rice pattern on the foot-bed?  This is the same on all Havaianas and is one of their unmistakable features which dates back to the first pair of Havaianas that were made in 1962.  They were inspired by the Zori, typical Japanese sandals which are made of fabric straps and rice straw soles.  Bet ya didn’t know that!

So if you are looking for a comfy pair of shoes or sandals I suggest heading on over to the Havaianas website where you can snag up some super cute shoes at great prices too – don’t forget mom on Mother’s Day!  And guess what?  You can win sandals for summer here!  Simply enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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56 Responses to Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Havaianas Review & Giveaway

  1. courtney hennagir says:

    the muppets are super cute!

  2. Denise Taylor says:

    I am in love with the Muppets!!!

  3. I love the light golden fit sandals!

  4. nancy says:

    Since i love sandals and thats what i use mostly all the time unless it rains i really love the SLIM ANIMALS LOVE PRINT:)THanks for the chance:)!!!

  5. Hendy M says:

    If I would I would choose the SLIM CRYSTAL METALISSE sandals.

  6. Amber says:

    I love the SLIM ANIMALS – White/Rose

  7. Carmen V. says:

    I like the HIGH LIGHT in black.

  8. mframe says:

    I would pick the SLIM LACE in white

  9. Gina M Maddox says:

    I like the SLIM ORIENT style. Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  10. Madeline says:

    I’d pick the SLIM CRYSTAL HARMONY shoes.

  11. Christina C says:

    I like Slim in pumpkin

  12. Celeste says:

    Flash Sweet sandals!

  13. brittany k says:

    i love the flash sweet sandals!

    • Matilda says:

      En is megvettem a koo.tev..ysnt, meg a baratnomnek naszajandek reszekent is! De csak gyonyorkodtem eddig benne meg, de Karacsonyra lesz kosarka es valamelyik csabito sos sutemeny is:) Koszonet meg egyszer a tippert! Zsuzsa

    • I can’t believe you’re not playing with me–that was so helpful.

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  14. Sue Hull says:

    I love the Slim Chystal Dragonfly in Black. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Brittany C says:

    I liked the Slim Hardware Sandals! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I can’t choose btwn the SLIM CRYSTAL DRAGONFLY and the SLIM HARDWARE both in black.

  17. Terra Heck says:

    I’d like the Catwoman pair. Thanks.

  18. Robyn Galloway says:

    I like the flash sweet sandals!

  19. Anne N. says:

    i like the SLIM THEMATIC.

  20. Lisa L says:

    I’d love to have the Slim Lace Black!

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