My Pregnancy Journal (linky): 21 weeks

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pregnancy journalWelcome to the “My Pregnancy Journal” meme, so if you are a pregger blogging mama then you will definitely wanna link up.

There are only three super simple rules that must be followed.

1.)  Grab the button from my right side bar and place in your post.
2.)  Copy & paste the questions you feel comfortable answering.
3.)  Link up with your pregnancy journal entry for this week at the bottom of my post – if you link to your blog’s home page unfortunately I will delete it from the list.



This week baby girl is roughly 10.5 inches long and 12.7 ounces – about the bananalength of a banana.  Her eyebrows and lids are present now and her vagina has begun to form as well.  Most women will soon feel like their little ones are practicing martial arts as their initial fluttering movements turn into full-fledged kicks IMG_0523and nudges…. however, that is not me and you will learn more about why this is in the medical section below.  And this is what baby girl looks like this week, plus an actual ultrasound picture from our 21 week appointment!


About me & Baby Girl this week….

Symptoms:   Well I am once again battling what I believe to be a sinus infection…. my doctor thinks it is just a virus of some sort that will go away on it’s own – well it ain’t. Urgh.  I have been having quite a few headaches and my sciatica started acting up this week as well….. I had this with Dilly and Sugar but not til near the end – well there is a reason for it…. as you will see.

Weight Gain: +1/2 pound…. which puts me at 162 1/2 pounds total

Cravings:  Not really a craving, but on Easter Dustin’s aunt made rice krispie treats….. I ate one… then another… then another…. seriously no clue how many of those things I ate – they were so dang good!

Food Aversions:  I didn’t have any issues this week with this….

What made me cry this week:  I teared up at a few sappy country songs.

Medical Stuff:  Well I mentioned that I am sick with what I believe to be a sinus infection…. have been since Saturday night, so that puts me at 5 days now.  I did have an OB appointment on Monday that included an ultrasound to make sure that baby girl is baking as she should be.  The ultrasound tech said she looked great and was measuring right where she should be which is awesome.  But I asked her if she seemed to be moving around much because I never ever feel her.  She told me that she was moving like crazy – so much that she was having trouble getting all the images she needed.  I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t feel these movements, I had felt Dilly and Sugar at around 17 to 18 weeks with no problem at all.  Well…. turns out I have an anterior placenta which is basically cushioning between the baby and my belly so I can’t feel all the awesome kicking she is doing right now.  This won’t cause any problems for the baby where the placenta is and I should be able to feel her around 24 to 25 weeks, but it is causing issues for me already.  Specifically issues with my sciatica…. since the cushioning of the placenta is in the front instead of the back where it typically is I am already feeling pressure on my sciatica that hurts really bad.  It will hit me out of the blue randomly throughout the day and from what was explained to me will only get worse as baby girl continues to grow.  So basically the only time I know she is moving around is when my sciatica brings me to my knees – well not literally, but it hurts really bad!  So ya…. having an anterior placenta isn’t too much fun because I can’t feel baby girl yet except when it hurts.  Oyyyy.

Thoughts from Dilly:  We watched a few baby shows on TLC where they show the baby being delivered…. well you know what I mean, show as much as they can.  Dilly was all about this show and once it was over asked if her sister would be here soon.  I let her know it was going to be near the end of summer, but she would get to be in the room like last time.  She was ok with having to wait til then but said we need to watch more of these shows. Hehe.

Something I am excited about: The nursery is starting to come together – IMG_0521painting is complete.  Dustin built all the furniture and I started on some more projects….. many more to come still, but here is a little sneak peek of the squirrel/acorn décor.  I will be writing up a lil tutorial on how I made this adorable wall décor too.  I also dropped off the crib skirt and curtains to have appliques put on them.  Soooo much fun!!

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4 Responses to My Pregnancy Journal (linky): 21 weeks

  1. Beth R says:

    You are looking great!!! I think this is the point in my pregnancy with both of my boys that I could eat everything. Nothing in particular, but I was always hungry for some reason 🙂

  2. Cinella says:

    Will your placenta fix itself? I’ve always wondered about that and placenta periva or whatever it’s called. Well, at least you will start to feel her soon. I don’t feel my baby girl much, just 1-2 times a day. Awww, you’re getting the nursery ready already. I’m behind. The nursery will double as our master, so maybe just some painting and hanging a few things.

  3. I was lucky, I had an anterior placenta with my daughter and at 20 weeks they said I shouldn’t be able to feel her, but I had a couple times. Mine fixed itself – I think that’s what they said anyways. I hope you get to feel her soon!

  4. Jessica Beardmore Hilton says:

    Your nursery decor is looking sooo cute! Can’t wait till your little girl arrives and I can meet her!

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