My Pregnancy Journal (linky): 22 Weeks

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pregnancy journalWelcome to the “My Pregnancy Journal” meme, so if you are a pregger blogging mama then you will definitely wanna link up.

There are only three super simple rules that must be followed.

1.)  Grab the button from my right side bar and place in your post.
2.)  Copy & paste the questions you feel comfortable answering.
3.)  Link up with your pregnancy journal entry for this week at the bottom of my post – if you link to your blog’s home page unfortunately I will delete it from the list.



This week Baby Girl is approximately eleven inches long and almost weighs a whole pound – roughly the size of a papaya!  She is starting to look like a papayaIMG_0652miniature newborn. Her lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and she’s even developing tiny tooth buds beneath her gums. Her eyes have formed, but the irises (the colored part of the eye) still lack pigment….. I wonder if they will be blue like Dilly’s or more of a greenish hazel like Sugar’s?  And, Baby Girl is starting to settle into sleep cycles, snoozing about 12 to 14 hours a day.  Here is what she looks like…


About me & Baby Girl this week….

Symptoms:  Still having lots of headaches.  I also kept coughing and coughing and coughing…. for 10 days, couldn’t sleep at night – had to sleep sitting up on the couch.  Finally went back to the doctor and I honestly don’t think they know why I was coughing either, but the prescribed me some good meds and now I can actually get some sleep and the cough is starting to ease up, so hopefully it goes away completely soon.  Fingers crossed.

Weight Gain: +1 pound…. which puts me at 163 1/2 pounds total

Cravings:  Everything is starting to sound good…. really everything… like right now I am thinking dill pickles, pringles, chocolate chip cookies, andIMG_0604cherry tomatoes….. yummmmm.  We stopped for ice cream the other day and I couldn’t decide what I wanted and so I ended up with a scoop of blue moon, a scoop of black raspberry, and topped it all off with nerds!

Food Aversions:  Nothing really this week.

What made me cry this week:  I have been doing really good with this crying thing lately…. though I really wanna see “The Lucky One” when it starts and I am sure that will put me over the edge.

Medical Stuff:  I already talked about dealing with that dry cough and finally getting some relief…. other than that I have been doing rather well.

Thoughts from Dilly & Sugar:  Dilly has been really enjoying seeing the babies room come together.  Sugar seems to think there is a baby in everyone’s belly, hehe.  But when I tell her that “No, the baby is only in mama’s belly” she looks at me and says “Kiss baby?” and then she has to kiss my belly.  It’s seriously the cutest thing ever.

Something I am excited about: With the weather turning nice I am excited to spend lots of time outside with my girls this summer before Baby Girl2 arrives.  In fact the other day we went hiking as a family and of course I had to get some pictures of the bump, hehe!  1

The nursery is also coming together and I absolutely love it…. once it is all done I will post pictures of the entire thing, but in the mean time here is another squirrel sneak peek, hehe.  No other baby will have a nursery like Baby Girl – I guarantee it!


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3 Responses to My Pregnancy Journal (linky): 22 Weeks

  1. So glad your getting some sleep. Oh btw your making me crave that ice cream. I love when kids kiss pregnant bellies. My little man loves to hug and kiss his baby brother too.

  2. Beth R says:

    I love the squirrel decorations! How cute are those. I am so glad you are starting to want to eat everything and not feeling sick anymore

  3. Some genuinely choice posts on this web site , saved to my bookmarks .

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