Never Wordless Wednesday: Sugar’s Greatest Fear

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I finally decided to fall into the Instagram frenzy and so this is my first picture…. but what makes this funny is the story behind this adorable little wiggly jiggly Easter chick – it also lights up, hehe.


Sugar – my almost 2 year old – is afraid of these things…. it doesn’t matter if it is shaped like a ball, animal, or bug.  If it has those little spiky nubs on it and is jiggly feeling she wants nothing to do with it.  However, BOTH, yes BOTH of her grandmas thought it would be a good idea to put them in her Easter baskets this year.  Her Nana found this cute purple chick and her Gramma found a pink jiggly bug.  When she reached the point in her baskets that the totally offensive creature was she would lean back and go “OHHHH NOOOO!”

Now I suppose I can appreciate these things because I can just set them where I don’t want Sugar going…. perhaps on my computer when I need to walk away for a second, hehe.

Do your kiddos have any weird fears that are just plain funny….. ok, now don’t think I am a horribly mean mom just because I get a laugh out of this!

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5 Responses to Never Wordless Wednesday: Sugar’s Greatest Fear

  1. Kay M says:

    Oh, no! That is too funny! No, you are not horrible. There will come a day that they no longer horrify her though, and you will have to find some thing new to keep her away from those things. I WISH I could find something to keep my kids off my computer…and my tv remote… and the DSi…and the Wii….I’m sure I can think of a few more things….

  2. ROFL! It’s so funny the things that freak kids out. My 3rd child was deathly afraid of whoopee cushions when he was younger. He would run away screaming. Funny, but sad too, poor thing.
    I love your thinking of putting those in a place you don’t want her going or getting into things! LOL! Gotta use them to your advantage! =)

  3. Mimi says:

    Oh my gosh, that’s hysterical! Cute little chick! Can’t think of any quirks my kids have. My dog used to be afraid of my camera. That was pretty amusing!

  4. Tree says:

    Awww lol.. I think it’s adorable, but then again.. I’m not a tiny little one. 🙂 It’s funny what we get scared of.

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