Trendy Maternity Clothing? Check Out

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I love shopping online and am always super excited to find a new website that figleavesfeatures things that are totally my style.  And of course I want to share those finds with my awesome readers which is why I want to tell you about Figleaves – the ultimate online destination for lingerie, underwear, loungewear, clothing, swimwear, nightwear and shapewear – for men and women.  But what I was most excited about was to find that they also carry maternity and nursing clothing!  Around here there is only one store completely dedicated to maternity wear and other department stores sometimes have a tiny selection and so when I find a website with trendy maternity clothing I am always excited!

At Figleaves you can find maternity swimwear as well as maternity/nursing nightwear and clothing.  Since my bowling league has ended for the season I am ready to sign up for prenatal water aerobics which means I am going to need a bathing suit really soon.  I absolutely despise the maternity bathing suits that look like an old grandma should be wearing them – you know the ones with the ugly skirt things attached to them that float up when you step into the pool, yuck!  Instead I want a suit that is trendy and flattering to my growing bump.  After all I want to celebrate my growing body, not cover it up.  And at Figleaves they have quite a few options including one pieces and tankini sets that I would love to wear!  I’m definitely leaning towards the tankinis…. here are a few of my favorites.


Oh and the nightwear is absolutely adorable too!  With Figleaves it is possible to keep the bedroom spicy even with a growing tummy – something my hubby would probably be very pleased with, hehe.  And I love that the majority of the nightwear maternity options can also be used for easy nursing.  So for me these will get lots of use since I am hoping to nurse Baby Girl until at least 18 months.  How cute are these?


So if you are looking for trendy and flattering maternity or nursing clothing I highly suggest checking out Figleaves!  You won’t be disappointed – guarantee it.

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4 Responses to Trendy Maternity Clothing? Check Out

  1. I LOVE the pink and black swimsuit!!! Like, love it so much I want it in non-maternity! Those nightgowns are pretty awesome too!

  2. super cute stuff!! I will have to check them out.

  3. Those are so cute! I love all the stylish maternity clothes they have. Makes me excited to have another baby in the future.

  4. Robin Quick says:

    I wish they had things like this back when I was having my babies! I mostly bought bigger clothes. Maternity clothes have come a long way in 15 years.

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