Go Mama Go Designs Wonder Bumpers Review

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wb_logoSafety is a huge priority for me no matter where my girls are or what they are doing.  All parents know that in that first year of life many hours of a child’s life are spent sleeping – perhaps sometimes we wish they would sleep even more, hehe.  But what many parent’s don’t realize is that traditional crib bumpers which can be found in nearly every crib bedding set on the market are NOT safe.  In fact they can be down right deadly.  And so I urge you to look into the safe alternative – Wonder Bumpers.


Wonder Bumpers are great because they are designed to fit any crib and are super easy to install.  Simply count the number of slats your crib has to figure out how many Wonder Bumpers you will need.  Baby Girl’s new crib has 40 slats and so we needed the 38 pack and an additional 2 pack.  To install all you need to do is wrap the Wonder Bumper around the slat with the color you want on the outside – they are reversible for multiple style options – and zip downwards.  Since the zipper pull will now be at the bottom of the crib you won’t have to worry about baby being able to remove the Wonder Bumper because it will be out of their reach.  Plus there are no unsafe ties.


So what makes Wonder Bumpers the safe alternative to traditional crib bumpers?  As you can see there are still spaces between the slats which means they increase air flow and reduce the risk of CO2 rebreathing.  They also eliminate suffocation and entanglement risks.  When baby gets active and attempts to climb out they won’t be able to because unlike traditional crib bumpers these do not act like a make shift step.  Plus no worries about baby hitting their head on the hard wooden slats while sleeping because these are super soft – in fact Sugar likes going in the baby’s nursery just to touch the Wonder Bumpers, hehe.  And since the Wonder Bumper decrease the amount of space between the slats this stops baby’s limbs from getting stuck and keeps pacifiers inside.  They are scientifically proven safe AND have been excluded from all state bans on traditional crib bumpers.  Ya really can’t ask for more – Wonder Bumpers definitely take the worry out of nap time.  Not to mention how absolutely adorable the crib looks with them installed!


There are lots of solids and prints to choose from in girl, boy, and gender neutral styles.  Even the pink and cream set I chose could be used for a boy later because it can be turned and used completely on the cream side!  Plus there are lots of matching accessories to choose from including teething guards, crib sheets, dust ruffles, window treatments, changing pad covers, blankets, and swaddlers.  So please check out Wonder Bumpers to give your child a safe sleep environment and right now you can use code “GMGD30” for 30% off all items in the Go Mama Go Designs store.


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8 Responses to Go Mama Go Designs Wonder Bumpers Review

  1. Kay M. says:

    These are very nice. I’ll tell my granddaughter about them. She was looking for bumpers for my great grandsons crib!

  2. jessica F says:

    what a great idea!!

  3. Jessica Hilton says:

    I love these! We may have to look into these for Baby #2. Thanks for the great review.

  4. So cool! I did not even know these existed.

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  8. Laurie P says:

    great idea! Also look easy to remove for wash… Love the neutral color selection on there site as well.

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