K’NEX: Lincoln Logs & Sesame Street Review

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knexI have yet to meet a kiddo that doesn’t like to build, destroy, build, destroy, and so on.  And this is why K’NEX with their wide variety of construction sets has the perfect toys for almost every child.  Not only are K’NEX sets fun to play with, but they also inspire creativity, build self-confidence and encourages interaction among children and parents.  Did you know that K’NEX is the most innovative and fastest growing construction toy company?  Their toys are currently distributed in over 30 countries plus they distribute Lincoln Logs in North America!

I had absolutely no idea that K’NEX distributed Lincoln Logs and when a IMG_0931package arrived at our home with a set it was like reliving my childhood!  Except when I was a youngster my Lincoln Log sets didn’t have fun figurines like cowboys, horses, and cows.  Oh and it didn’t have doors or sturdy roofs – I remember the wooden planks that were always cracking inIMG_0935 half from being stepped on.  However, the Lincoln Logs that Dustin and I sat down to build with Dilly and Sugar were unmistakably familiar.  Each log is still made with real wood which is precision cut then placed in a tumbler to achieve a smooth splinter-free finish.

We had a great time building the White River Ranch together, but not only were the girls having fun building log cabins, they were also building:


  • Fine motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination
  • Cognitive skills as they make decisions and solve problems
  • Creativity skills by designing their own “masterpiece”
  • Social skills as they build with friends and siblings
  • Language skills by talking about what they’ve built

Oh and imagine Sugar’s excitement when she realized there was also an Elmo & Cookie Monster Best Friends Building Set in the package!  Boy does that girl love her some Elmo, hehe.  Each character is made of four chunky pieces – feet, body, head, and hat.  These chunky pieces are perfect for little hands and Sugar has been carrying them around ever since they arrived.


Be sure to check out the K’NEX website for all their other awesome products.  There is definitely something for every kiddo no matter what their interest from Sesame Street to Lincoln Logs and everything in between!  Plus they are reasonably priced and durable which makes this momma very happy.


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4 Responses to K’NEX: Lincoln Logs & Sesame Street Review

  1. K’NEX does Lincoln Logs?!? I didn’t know that! I haven’t bought Lincoln Logs in YEARS… I should get them again. Gracie and my daycare kids would LOVE those!

  2. I LOVED Lincoln Logs as a kid! SO cool that they still make them, with so many fun additions to it! My kids would love this!

  3. My kids LOVE lincoln logs and would have so much fun with this! Thanks for sharing because this will make a perfect birthday present for my oldest. His birthday is next month. 🙂 My youngest would have a fit over the Sesame Street ones, too.

  4. Jody Hardwick says:

    Thank you, I am always looking for ideas for my youngest, that the older siblings dont already have.

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