Contours Optima Tandem Stroller Review & Giveaway

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In my house an awesome double stroller is a definite necessity.  When Willow arrives Alleigh will be about 4 and a half so she is big enough to pretty much walk everywhere, but my little Kaelyn will only be two and a half so when we are walking long distances her little legs just aren’t up to it yet.  Now when it comes to strollers I definitely know what I like and it’s a bit hard to impress me…. but the double stroller we just tried out not only impressed me, but the hubby too!  We both love it.

ContoursButton_2012And that stroller is none other than the Contours Optima Tandem Stroller!  Did you know that I am a Contours Mom?  That means I get to tell you what I think about different Contours products and give you access to great giveaways for the same products as well.  How awesome is that?  And today you get to hear all about the amazing Contours Optima Tandem Stroller!

IMG_2008When the stroller first arrived I was very pleased to see that the box was not very big because I knew it meant it would have a compact fold which is a huge priority for me.  I enlisted Dustin to help me put the stroller together, but it was really so simple that I could have done it myself…. yup, even with this big belly in the way, hehe.  We opened the box and spread all the pieces out before we started assembling – a few pieces aren’t shown because they were actually packaged inside the stroller frame.  But this is what it looks like when you first open the box.


IMG_2015Since we had Alleigh and Kaelyn “helping” us put the stroller together it took a lil longer than if one person just sat down and assembled it, but about a half hour later and we were ready to go on a test drive! 

Our first outing was to a local water park for my cousin’s sixth birthday party and Dustin had nothing but positive things to say about the Contours Optima and all it’s awesome features.



So what are all those awesome features?

It has a super lightweight aluminum frame at only 36.8 pounds!

Extra large storage basket – this accommodated everything we needed for the water park and with two young kiddos that is A LOT, hehe.

Super easy steering thanks to the 8” front swivel wheels, 10” never flat rear wheels, and an awesome angle on the handle bar.  Yes, one handed steering is possible with this stroller!IMG_2106

The canopies are rather large and are height adjustable from a minimum of 23” to a maximum of 27” so as your child grows they will always have sun protection.  Plus there are convenient peek in windows to check on your lil ones.

IMG_2105Each seat independently reclines for when those lil cuties conk out.  And you won’t have to dig around under the canopy trying to locate the handle to recline the seat because Contours really has thought of everything.  See that lil hole…. it fits right over the handle so you can recline the seats without disturbing your kiddos – how perfect is that?IMG_2107

Oh and cup holders!!  The Contours Optima boasts 4 large deep cup holders.  One for each child and two for the parents.  So many strollers are lacking that super important parent tray and that drives me bonkers.  But not this stroller and that made this momma super happy.

IMG_2116I think the feature that impressed me the most was how many seating options are available.  Every time we get the stroller out we ask the girls how they would like to sit and it’s almost always a different configuration.  And switching the seats around is super simple too, by just pressing in the large red buttons and then turning the seat to face either front or back.  You can even leave the rear seat off to have lots of space for shopping if you only have one kiddo with you….. think hitting up garage sales or outlet shopping!  So simple!


Plus the stroller comes with one infant car seat attachment that fits most brands of infant seats – an additional attachment can be purchased separately.  I was super excited to see that it would accommodate the Chicco KeyFit 30 as that is the car seat we had purchased for Willow.


I mentioned before that the red buttons on the seats are where you push to release and then  rearrange their configuration, but what makes this stroller very simple to use is that basically everything that can be adjusted has those same red buttons.  For example adjusting the foot rest is done by pushing in the two small red buttons then lifting up or down.  As well as unlatching the bar to let the kiddos in and out.


The stroller is also very easy to fold by using the two red grips on either side of the handle bar and pressing your foot down on the little gray step on the rear part of the basket.  Then you simply hook the latch and the stroller can be stored standing up!  It can be stored with one seat still attached, but I have gotten into the habit of removing both just because I never know how the girls are going to want to sit the next time we use the stroller.


And it easily fits in the back of my Ford Escape… don’t judge the dirt!


As you can obviously tell we love this stroller!  It does everything we need plus more and looks fashionable at the same time.  Can’t ask for more than that.  Oh wait you can!  A reasonable price – which I think the Contours Optima has at $299.99.


So what are ya waiting for… if you are in need of a double stroller this is definitely my recommendation and you can win one here!  Really!!  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win the Contours Optima.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  2. Charlene says:

    I just had to say, I won this from your giveaway and it is the best double stroller EVER!! We use it a lot and it even goes really well on grass. I like it so much I’m considering getting one of their singles too.

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