Lamaze Toys Hit the Big Screen! Review & Giveaway for 3 TOYS!

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willow1I am so excited to bring you lots of awesome baby gear and toy review/giveaways over the coming weeks.  And the first company I am pleased to bring you is Lamaze!

The Lamaze Infant Development System welcomes you to a comprehensive system of soft toys based on Lamaze International’s philosophy of healthylamaze parenting.  Lamaze toys are divided into 6 age categories (0m+, 6m+, 9m+, 12m+, 18m+, 0-24m) so parents can be sure they are giving their child an age appropriate toy.  These toys are designed to engage babies and give parents peace of mind through the early toddler years.  And guess what?  They were even featured in the movie “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”…. which I still need to see, better tell the hubby we need a date night stat! Hehe.  As you can see in the movie poster below I added little arrows in pointing to the toys that I am going to share with you!

what to expect

Those toys include Play & Grow: Stretch the Giraffe, Octivity Time, and the Hula Girl Travel Toy…. seriously how cute are these toys?


The Hula Girl (0m+) is truly a unique toy… after having two little ones I had never seen something quite like her.  There is a convenient velcro strap underneath that allows you to strap her to the bar of your stroller.  Then when you push the stroller she will jingle and hula dance!  Baby will also love all the different textures and who couldn’t love that crazy blue hair? Hehe.


I grabbed the bar off one of our strollers to give you an idea of what this lil Hula Girl would look like while pushing your stroller around….. how cute!

I also think the Play & Grow: Stretch the Giraffe (0-24m) will be a huge hit with Willow.  The clip will make it very easy to attach to the stroller, car seat, or anything really so she can’t throw it down and lose it making mama happy.  Plus it has so many different features to capture her attention including a knottie tail, clacking rings, bungee legs, ribbons, plus crinkle/rattle/jingle sounds.  Not to mention lots of different textures!


And finally Octivity Time (6m+)!  Alleigh had a fun time checking out all the different activities on this adorable octopus – ya know, to make sure it would meet her standards for baby sister, hehe.  Each leg has a different activity for baby to have fun with including different textures and sounds.  The large head with big friendly eyes squeaks too!  And the clinking rings and spinning starfish help to develop babies pincer grip.  So much fun in one cute toy!


I know when Willow gets here she will absolutely love this selection of Lamaze toys!  How about the little one in your life?  Do you think they would enjoy these adorable toys as well?  If so you are in luck because you can enter to win them below!  Just fill out the Rafflecopter entry form.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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81 Responses to Lamaze Toys Hit the Big Screen! Review & Giveaway for 3 TOYS!

  1. Joye Rast says:

    I like the Pond Symphony Motion Gym. I like the textures & sounds of the toys you featured.

  2. Whitney says:

    My son would love the Musical Inchworm!

  3. Amanda Frith-Thomas says:

    I would love the space gym. A play gym that moves!! How cool is that?!!

  4. Jessica says:

    I would also love Mittens the Kitten for my baby girl. I love that the toys are all brightly colored and stimulating

  5. Lily Kwan says:

    I like the Jumping Joeys. What I like best about the toys mentioned above is that they’re very cute.

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