Baby Waves 3D 4D Ultrasound–See the baby in you before their born!

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During my first pregnancy I learned about 3D 4D ultrasounds and was amazed that I could actually see my baby before she was born so I just had to check it out.  I searched for a facility within a reasonable distance from our home and stumbled upon Baby Waves in Independence, Ohio. 

I had a great experience seeing Alleigh before she was born even though she was a stubborn little girl who loved to hide her face behind her hands and feet.  I loved the experience so much that I also went back for Kaelyn and now again to see Willow!  There are quite a few reasons why I continue to use the same 3D 4D ultrasound facility.


Baby Waves sonographers have graduated with a complete 2-year degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography from an accredited college. They have combined experience of over 20 years performing ultrasounds in area hospitals. They are experts in the safe and effective use of ultrasound.


Baby Waves is in its 8th year of business – longer than any other 3D 4D studio in Ohio! Many mothers are returning to them for subsequent pregnancies… one of those mom’s is me!


Baby Waves can obtain excellent images up to 40 weeks!  They have developed special techniques that allow them to obtain clearer images.

Plus their customer service is out of this world.  Any time I have called and left a message I am met with a prompt response.  And they really want their customers to be happy with their images.  In fact with Willow we went in for a visit at 33 weeks and though we did get a few images the majority of them her umbilical cord was across her face or she was smooshed up against the uterine wall and so we were asked if we would like to come back the following week to try again.  And so at 34 weeks we headed back in…. this time the moment we began the 3D 4D ultrasound it was quite obvious that Willow was spine up and it would be literally impossible to get any images, but they were determined!  And so the sonographer showed me a series of exercises to help get baby to flip over so we could see her… and though it totally wore me out…. it also worked!!  We were able to get a ton of great images….


Every time I go I am just in awe of how clearly I can see this child that is growing inside me.  Those perfect little lips and nose.  And Alleigh thought it was so awesome that she could count her little sister’s fingers and toes!  Plus Baby Waves is very reasonably priced offering quite a few different packageswillow jean including a gender 2D scan with a quick 3D 4D glimpse.  We went and did that when Willow was roughly 16 weeks gestation because I was too impatient and just had to know what was baking inside me, hehe!  Check out how tiny she was…. so crazy. 

Plus Baby Waves also offers discounts for return visits on same pregnancies and for returning moms as well.  And if you are a member of the military you can show your military ID for discounts and free extras.  Oh and don’t forget to check out the internet special for a coupon as well.  Interested in scheduling an appointment?  If you live in or near Independence, Ohio I highly suggest it!

Baby Waves 3D 4D Ultrasound
5000 Rockside Road • Suite 530
Independence, OH 44131
Telephone: (216) 986-9283


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8 Responses to Baby Waves 3D 4D Ultrasound–See the baby in you before their born!

  1. Aw, so cute! Wish I could have gotten one of these ultrasounds during my pregnancy!

  2. Anna says:

    I love these! I wanted to get them really bad with both of my kids but I never did.

    Now I wish I had!

  3. So sweet, and yes, SO amazing! Crazy how there is a whole little person in there…can’t wait to see her in your arms! <3

  4. AWW! I love all the pictures. It looks like she’s sticking her tongue out in one. lol! We have 3D 4D videos of the boys and they are my favorites. Josiah looked just like the videos/pictures when he was born. I’m so excited for you and cant wait to see all the newborn pics. 🙂

  5. Christi says:

    That sounds like such a great experience! The bedside manner and customer service really make a big difference in such a special time as pregnancy!

  6. jenn says:

    These are so cool but non-existent when i was having children

  7. Mimi says:

    Wow, that’s astounding!! I wanted one with my last son when they were relatively new, but it wasn’t an option! How fun to see your baby so real!

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