Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper Review

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From my experience with Alleigh and Kaelyn as newborns I realized quickly that they did not like sleeping flat on their back.  Kaelyn preferred to sleep in her bouncer seat, but I didn’t like that she would be down on the floor beside the bed instead of level with me so I could just glance over when I woke up through out the night.  And that is why I was so excited to see that Fisher-Price had fixed this dilemma for me… and lots of other moms I am sure, hehe.

So how did they fix this problem for me?  With their awesome product the Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper!  We received the My Little Sweetie Deluxe version to try out.  This is what the box looked like when we received it and the pieces when I removed everything to start assembling it.


The instructions were super easy to follow – within a few minutes and a few simple clicks of the tubes I had the My Little Sweetie Deluxe Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper together and ready to go.


I am so excited for Willow to try out this seat because it seems like it willIMG_2401 definitely solve that night time sleeping problem because she will be at eye level with me when I am laying in bed at night.  I love that the seat is extra deep with a structured insert that will keep her feeling safe and cozy – plus it is SO soft.  In fact when I was putting it together Kaelyn kept rubbing the fabric and saying “Soft momma…. so soft momma!”  Oh and that super soft insert with head support can be easily removed and thrown in the washer because we all know the messes that come out both ends of a newborn, hehe.

IMG_2402I also like the mesh sides that allow for air to flow so I won’t have to worry about Willow overheating.  As I mentioned before both of my girls preferred sleeping at an incline and this product puts IMG_2400them at the perfect incline for both playing and sleeping as a newborn.  The rocking motion is perfect because when your little one wakes up, but isn’t hungry or needing changed so that you can simply reach over and give them a lil rock to ease them back to sleep.  I also love the pattern of the one we received because instead of sIMG_2403creaming BABY it blends in with our home which is awesome.  Not to mention the adorable matching kitty rattle that came with it as well.

And I think one of my favorite features has to be how easy it is to move the Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper around our home.  With a simple push of the easy fold buttons on both ends of the sleeper it conveniently folds flat and can be carried all over the house… or even to Nana and Pap’s house for the day!  Or when it’s not in use it can be easily stored instead of taking up space which will be great in our home because with a two and four year old our space is pretty limited as it is.  Plus it is so light weight.IMG_2411

Another great thing is even if you give birth to a big baby they will still get plenty of use out of the Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper because it is designed to hold up to 25 pounds which my girls didn’t reach til they were practically two years old, hehe.  It is just important to be sure the baby can not sit up unassisted yet or grasp the side of the seat and pull upward for safety reasons and to always use the three point safety restraint.

The Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper is available in lots of other patterns as well that include girl, boy, and gender neutral versions and range in price from $60 to $75 depending on the model you choose.  Be sure to check them all out and all the other great baby gear products from Fisher-Price!


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8 Responses to Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper Review

  1. Karie says:

    It looks lIke it would be very versatile !

  2. Jacki M says:

    I got this for my child due September 30th since we only have one other bedroom that my 17 month old son is in. I hope we get a lot of use out of ours too. Best of luck ! Btw, when are you due?

  3. Christi says:

    Very cute! Looks like it’s a good size, too.

  4. We purchased one of these on a whim before my second son was born and it ended up being a godsend!! He wouldn’t sleep anywhere else and was immediately calm and happy when we put him down. I was absolutely amazed. Plus, it is perfect when traveling, too. I think all parents should have one. Thanks for the great review. It reminded me just how great this item really is! We will definitely buy another one for our next!

  5. Mimi says:

    That is soooo adorable!! So sweet looking!! You look SO cute right now!!!

  6. Anna says:

    I absolutely LOVED mine!

    We got 6 months of use out of it, it was SO nice having that because my babies hated sleeping in the pack n play or the cosleeper.

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