John Deere Monster Treads Review & Giveaway

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Today we took the girls over to the county fair where they had a blast going on the rides and checking out the animals.  Dustin also picked up tickets to take Alleigh and Kaelyn to the tractor pulls.  Yup, even though I have a house full of little girls they definitely love tractors – especially John Deere tractors like their pappy drives.  And so when a package of new John Deere toys arrived at our house they were thrilled.


A big thank you to TOMY for bringing the John Deere experience to infants through preschoolers with their wide selection of awesome toys.  Alleigh and Kaelyn received four John Deere vehicles from the new Monster Treads line by TOMY to try out and they loved them all.  Two of the vehicles were from the Lights ‘n Sounds Monster Treads line and two from the Shake ‘n Sounds Monster Treads line… so I will tell ya a bit about each kind!

John Deere Lights ‘n Sounds Monster Treads
IMG_3290The Lights ‘n Sounds line is available in two styles:  gator and tractor.  They are approximately 6” long and have big bouncy tires that Kaelyn and Alleigh enjoyed pushing down the dirt pile in our back yard.  I knew there was a reason Dustin left that pile there last year, hehe!  There are also threeIMG_3291 buttons on each vehicle which each trigger a sound or the LED lights to turn on.  Kaelyn immediately claimed these vehicles because she said they were just her size.

John Deere Shake ‘n Sounds Monster Treads
IMG_3306Alleigh absolutely loved the Shake ‘n Sounds line and most likely because they are a perfect combination of John Deere and monster trucks – that girl loves her monster trucks!  They are about 8” long and available in gator and combine.  Alleigh decided to take the super bouncy tires of the Shake ‘n Sounds gator to the top of the slide in the backyard and send em flying.  Through all of that craziness they are holding up perfectly and my girls are definitely putting them to the test.  Besides the bouncy tires they also make loud engine sounds and shake across the floor with a touch of a button.

When it comes to playing with tractors my girls are definitely not tender and delicate like they are with their baby dolls, hehe.  And so I can tell you that these John Deere vehicles will stand up to any rough and toughness that your little one can throw at them.  See what I mean?


You can find these and more awesome John Deere toys on the TOMY website.  And if you are interested in purchasing either of these Monster Tread lines the Lights ‘n Sounds retails for $8.99 – $10.99 each and the Shake ‘n Sounds retails for $17.99 – $19.99 each.  Oh and guess what?  TWO lucky winners here at Happenings of the Harper Household will each win one John Deere vehicle from each of the Monster Tread lines shown above!  To enter fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

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