Remember Polly Pocket? Now Your Kids Can Too!

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When I was a lil girl I absolutely loved Polly Pocket…. I had so many of them it probably drove my mom crazy, hehe.  And I was very protective of them – just ask my younger sister what would happen if she tried to sneak and play with my Polly Pockets.  Let’s just say it was not a good situation!  I love seeing toys from my childhood being modified and improved for my kiddos to enjoy as well.  Plus it allows me to relive a bit of my childhood.  And so when two sets of Polly Pockets arrived at our house let’s just say not only were Alleigh and Kaelyn super excited to tear into the boxes, but so was I!


The girls received the Polly Pocket Hangout House Playset and a Stick n Play Room Assortment to try out.  The first thing I noticed was these were not like any Polly Pockets I had as a child.  I remembered the tiny little people that came in small little houses that clicked shut and were easily transportable.  These Polly Pockets though different were still very fun to play with and my girls thoroughly enjoyed them. 

IMG_3109  The main differences I noticed in the old version of the Polly Pocket and the new version were the size differences and the use of small suction cups on the bottom of all the pieces.

I do feel that the larger sizes of the play sets and the inability to store everything in one closed container takes away from the portability of the Polly Pocket…. it certainly doesn’t fit in your pocket anymore, but there are pros to the larger size.  The larger size makes this toy easier for little hands to play with and has made this fun toy interesting to a younger age range.  I remember playing with Polly Pockets the most from about eight to ten years old, but Alleigh is enjoying them at four years old.


I really like the suction cup feature on the bottom of all the pieces.  Now instead of being limited to the places that the tiny little people could stand you can put them anywhere!  Not to mention all the other fun accessories like chairs, fridge, animals, bathtub, toilet, and more that can be placed anywhere.  Not to mention once you stick them there they stick well until your little one decides they want to pop them off and move them somewhere else.


As I had mentioned before we also received a Stick n Play Room Assortment IMG_3106in addition to the Hangout House Playset.    The girls received a lil cookout set that even featured a grill that when you turn the handle the hamburger disappears and reappears – Kaelyn thought that was pretty awesome, hehe.  What’s really neat about the additional rooms is that they can be connected directly to the larger play set with the grooves on the side of the floor piece.


Alleigh and Kaelyn definitely enjoyed playing with the new Polly Pocket play sets and I have a feeling will be wanting more rooms to attach to the Hangout House Playset.  And even though the entire set was almost completely different than I had remembered as a child I still had loads of fun playing with them as well.  This is definitely a toy that moms and daughters can enjoy together and have lots of fun with.  Be sure to check out the Polly Pocket website for lots more fun and the different products that are available.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received a product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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12 Responses to Remember Polly Pocket? Now Your Kids Can Too!

  1. amy says:

    Oh I remember Polly Pockets… Sigh I wish I had a girl… Those are so cute!

  2. Sabrina Radke says:

    Such colorful toys, all the good toys get brought back around huh? 🙂

  3. April G says:

    I barely remember them…maybe they were after my time! LOL They look great and I love the colors! Can’t wait to get things like this for my little girl!

  4. Kay M. says:

    My older daughter always wanted Polly Pocket, but I was afraid her younger sister would put them in her mouth and swallow them, so they were nixed. By the time the youngest was old enough, they weren’t very popular (to the girls anyway), so I missed out – although I always loved them. They really were SO TINY! Glad to see more girls able to enjoy them now, although I think they should have kept the smaller ones for older kids, because they were so easy to slip in a pocket or pocketbook!

  5. Laura says:

    I remember Polly pockets! I had them when I was young. They used to have little travel ones that fit in the palm of your hand. They were awesome!

  6. Mimi says:

    My girls grew up with these, in fact, I have them hidden away for future use. These are absolutely timeless toys!

  7. I never had these, but I’m enjoying “helping” Brooke play with hers! LOL! Love the suction cups!!

  8. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    I loved polly pockets when I was young! I had a whole collection of them. They sure have changed since then but they still look fun.

  9. Jessica Hilton says:

    Hopefully one day I will have a little girl so she can enjoy my old polly pocket sets and we can get some new sets too to play with 🙂 Not sure that my husband would approve of these for my son :)Looks like lots of fun though.

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  11. Megan S says:

    The sad thing is though…..
    They arn’t TRUE Pollys simply because THEIR worlds don’t fold up into compacts and FIT in your pocket. Hence their name!

  12. Alisia says:

    That toy was awesome (and so travel friendly), but I did occasionally lose Ms. Pocket because she was so small. I miss that toy, but I bet she got bigger because of the potential choking hazard.

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