aden + anais plus mum + bub skin care review

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The first product that pops into most people’s minds when IMG_3196they hear aden + anais is their amazing muslin swaddles.  And I must say they are definitely a favorite item in our home because Willow must be swaddled in one to sleep.  In fact she has been swaddled in them from the day she was born because I was sure to put them in our hospital bag.  And now she even likes just holding on to them when she’s awake and who can blame her because their sooo unbelievably soft and only get softer with each wash.

But today I get to share some products from aden + anais that aren’t quite as well known, but I guarantee you will love them just as much as the muslin swaddles.  Those items include a towel and washcloth set as well as hair + body wash and ultra-gentle lotion from the mum + bub skin care line.


It was very important to me that I start Willow out from the beginning using a naturally derived hair and body wash because I knew from our previous experiences with Alleigh and Kaelyn that Willow would most likely have sensitive skin as well.  And for that reason I didn’t want to risk drying her delicate baby soft skin out with the products that the hospitals typically have on hand.  So I made sure to pack our mum + bub products in the hospital bag and let Dustin know exactly where they were in case I was too out of it during her first bath.  And with what happened regarding the emergency c-section it’s a good thing I showed him where I had packed  them at.  So far the only hair + body wash and lotion that has touched Willow has been the awesome mum + bub products.  Be warned… she doesn’t look happy in any of her bathing pictures because she hasn’t quite come around to baths yet, hehe.

So why do I like the mum + bub skin care products so much?  They are naturally derived products that have been infused with fresh fermented pawpaw fruit IMG_3484which has been known for decades in Australia for it’s skin care benefits – when applied topically pawpaw fruit relieves, cleanses, and protects skin.  And they are lightly scented with Australian Sandalwood which smells absolutely amazing – even the nurses commented on how wonderful these products smelled.  Dustin and I can’t stop smelling Willow’s hair!  I love that they are gentle, mild, and tear free to use on baby – but also work for mom.  This meant one less thing for me to pack to take to the hospital because I could also use the same products plus they are so intensely moisturizing – especially the lotion which is not greasy at all – you will love how your own skin feels after using them.  Plus no worries because mum + bub products are free of phytoestrogen, parabens, petroleum oils, phthalates, gluten and soy.  And their made in the United States – yay!

When using these awesome skin care products on Willow I just had to have the softest possible towel and washcloth for her delicate skin so of course IIMG_3640 turned to aden + anais.  Each set comes with a durable four layer muslin washcloth that is very generously sized at 15” by 15”.  Since they are so large it makes bath time quick and easy plus they will work right through the toddler years and well beyond.  I’m even considering getting myself some of these super soft muslin wash cloths!  Oh and there is also a convenient loop to use for hanging.  The hooded towel measures 32” by 32” is also extremely soft being made from a double layer of terry cotton.  Eventually Willow will start to enjoy bath time – I hope – and then she can appreciate the softness of her towel and washcloth and the amazingly good smell of her hair + body wash and lotion.  But until then we will be making bath time as quick as possible because the picture above depicts very well what the entire experience is like for the time being.  Oyyy.

But even though Willow doesn’t enjoy bath time I truly can’t say enough good things about the mum + bub skin care products!  We absolutely love them and I am sure you would too.  So be sure to head on over to the aden + anais website and check out everything they have to offer.  If you wash your little ones hair with the hair + body wash be warned you won’t be able to stop breathing in that wonderful fresh baby goodness!


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8 Responses to aden + anais plus mum + bub skin care review

  1. Aww she’s so so adorable! I didn’t know you could get skin care from a+a, I had no idea. I’d really like to try that out.

  2. I can almost hear her screaming with that mad little face! The towel looks squishy soft, perfect for soothing her after a rough bath and the size sounds great! I always have a hard time finding good sized towels!

  3. I had no idea they made skin care products! Love that they are good for mom and baby. I could use good moisturizing skin care for myself too!
    Awe, poor little Willow, she’s definitely not happy! At least you have a great towel to wrap her in when bath time is over!

  4. Laura says:

    I have to admit that I have never tried an aden & anais product before, but would totally welcome the opportunity to give them a spin. Both the blankets and skin care products look neat!

  5. April G says:

    Love the towel set! It looks great and I can’t wait to try the Mum & Bub products, I’ve heard great things about them! It’s great to hear you like them too!

  6. Rachel N says:

    I had no idea they even made more than blankets! I intend to bring my own natural soap to the hospital with for this new baby’s first bath. I can’t stand the thought of them using the terrible Johnson & Johnson stuff on my tiny baby!

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  8. Laurie P says:

    been wanting to try the mum & bub skin care line, was looking for some input on it, thanks for the great read!

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