Friendly Debates with the Danielles: TV’s in Kids Bedrooms

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Welcome to Week 49 of Friendly Debates With The Danielles!

Happenings of the Harper Household

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TV’s in Kids Bedrooms:  Yay or Nay? What do YOU say?


Well right now Alleigh and Kaelyn are only 4 and 2 years old, so at the moment for them I say nay.  I much prefer them to play with their toys and use their imagination than to be watching television.  This is not to say that they don’t watch television.  In fact I admitted in my “Crap-tastic Mama” post that our living room tv is on basically all day every day, however they are rarely completely immersed in what is on the screen.  I just don’t see a reason for them to have a television in their bedroom yet.  In a few years I can see us putting a television in their room, but I most likely won’t hook it into the cable.  Instead it would be used for their huge collection of educational DVD’s and Disney movies….. this mama can only take so much, hehe.

I’m not exactly certain when I would allow them to have access to a cable box in their own bedroom – around ten to twelve years old seems reasonable, but even then I would be monitoring what they can and can not watch.  I know there are parental controls I can enable to block certain channels and I am sure there is also a way to monitor how long and what times the television can be used as well…. I just have to figure it out.

So for now in my house it is a nay…. but this will change in the future as the girls get older.  What about you?  Do your kids have a tv in their bedroom – why or why not?  Leave me a comment or link up and let us know!

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One Response to Friendly Debates with the Danielles: TV’s in Kids Bedrooms

  1. April G says:

    I agree with you, imagination first! 🙂 My oldest didn’t get a TV til he was like 10 or so…the little ones – no way! 🙂 Thanks for this week’s debate – great topic!

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