Diono RadianRXT Review & Giveaway: From 5 to 120 Pounds the Safest Car Seat Around!

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Keeping my kiddos safe is very important to me and so choosing a car seat that would keep my girls as safe as possible was a huge priority for me.  I also needed to find a car seat that I would be able to fit three across in our Ford Escape because I didn’t want to get a bigger vehicle.  Diono was my answer.  Diono car seats exceed federal crash standards and consistently achieve the highest ratings in the industry.  Plus their car seats are side impact tested and NCAP tested.  I was very excited to receive a Diono RadianRXT to try out with my girls. 


In my opinion the RadianRXT is the safest car seat on the market today and for many reasons.  The vast majority of car seats available today are made from plastic – but plastic can weaken when in extreme heat or cold.  And as we all know the inside of a car can get pretty stinkin hot in the middle of the summer.  Instead of plastic Diono’s car seats are made with steel alloy frames and aluminum reinforced sides which is why they have a ten year life span.  That ten year life span means you can be almost certain this car seat will last through multiple children which means money saved!  Plus there is energy-absorbing EPS foam panels on all sides including the adjustable head support which is reinforced for complete side impact safety.  What impressed me the most is that the RadianRXT will work for children from 5 to 120 pounds!  It can be used as a rear facing car seat from 5 to 45 pounds making it the highest weight rear facing car seat available.  It can then be used forward facing from 20 to 80 pounds with the five point harness and then easily converted to a booster seat for children up to 120 pounds.  This means instead of purchasing an infant car seat, convertible car seat, and booster seat you can buy one seat and be set.  Check out Willow, Kaelyn, and Alleigh all sitting in the Radian RXT.


Even though they are all different size all of my girls are very comfy in the RadianRXT.  There are five shoulder and three buckle positions which are very easy to adjust giving you a perfect customized fit no matter the size of your child.  And I really like that the Safestop energy absorbing harness system comes with pads on the straps so that they do not dig into my kiddos neck.  To adjust the head support you simply lift up or push down for the perfIMG_4693ect placement (12 positions) depending on the child’s height.  As you can see Willow is snug and secure in the infant body support cushions which cradles her little head perfectly.  So comfy in fact that she almost falls asleep instantly in the car and stays asleep the whole time.  The infant head support can then be removed, while the lower half of the cushion can still be used for older children.  Plus the seat has memory foam padding in it giving their little bums a comfy spot to sit – I have never heard a single complaint from my girls even on long rides that they aren’t comfortable.  The RadianRXT also has expandable sides and a longer seat bottom adding to the leg support and comfort especially for older kiddos. 

When it comes to installing the Diono RadianRXT is super simple with their unique SuperLATCH system.  Plus it is the only car seat rated for LATCH use witIMG_4687h a child up to 80 pounds! I really like the rubber bottom grips which allow for no slip installation – especially helpful on our leather seats.  Rear facing it does take up quite a bit of space and if behind the driver or passenger seat those seats would need to be moved forward quite a bit.  Willow’s car seat is in the center of the back seat and so this doesn’t cause a problem because it just comes up betIMG_4678ween the two seats a bit.  Forward facing there are two recline positions and I love that it sits low on the vehicle seat for easy child boarding – Alleigh can get in completely by herself and Kaelyn is just about there as well.  Plus as I mentioned earlier I needed to be able to fit three car seats in our Ford Escape which is no problem with the RadianRXT as you can see.  Oh and it is also available in a variety of colors/prints and materials to show off your little ones personal style.  Alleigh has red and Kaelyn has purple – their favorite colors.  Willow’s not happy in these pictures since the car isn’t moving yet, hehe.


Plus the Diono RadianRXT has a few other features that just take it that extra step.  It is a folding car seat which means it can be folded flat for easy travel and storage.  It comes with one cup holder, but up to four more can be added.  And right where you pull to tighten the safety harness if you lift the flap there is a convenient place to put your child’s emergency contact information.  This is ideal if you are in a car crash and are not able to communicate to those assisting you.


And so if you are looking for the safest car seat that your child will be super comfy in from five pounds all the way up to 120 pounds than the Diono RadianRXT is definitely for you.  Whenever anyone asks me for a car seat recommendation regardless of their child’s age this is my answer and I guarantee it will meet all your expectations and then some!  Oh and guess what?  One lucky Happenings of the Harper Household reader is going to win their very own RadianRXT.  To enter simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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263 Responses to Diono RadianRXT Review & Giveaway: From 5 to 120 Pounds the Safest Car Seat Around!

  1. Amanda says:

    I love the wide range of ages/sizes it fits and would want it in the grey (shadow).

  2. Julia Babs says:

    I love that it can be used from infanthood all the way up to 80 lbs…such a long shelf life! I would choose shadow. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. tess says:

    i like that it goes all the way to 120 lbsd and i like the spring color
    tcogbill at live dot com

  4. Kay M. says:

    My fave feature is that it lasts for so long… in this economy we need to be able to stretch a dollar as far as possible.
    I love the plum, but the Daytona would match my red Jeep better!!

  5. Lisa L says:

    I would pick Spring. I love that it has a space for the child’s emergency contact information. I wish every carseat had this feature!

  6. trixx says:

    I love that it can be folded! I would pick Spring for my daughter

  7. Marianne says:

    I like 2 things quite a bit. 1 – It’s super narrow and 2 – it can RF to 45lbs!

  8. Marianne says:

    ^^ And in addition to my previous comment. I would pick Plum since it rocks (and I have girls).

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