Get Funky with Willow! Funky Fluff Review

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Funky Fall Fluff

A few days ago I announced the Funky Fluff Fall Festival Giveaway that I am participating in with nine other cloth diapering blogging mommas.  Through out the duration of this awesome giveaway each day one of the bloggers presents their review of the Funky Fluff diaper.  And so if you are looking for the most in depth review possible on a cloth diaper you are definitely going to find it in this giveaway event with such an amazing group of seasoned cloth diapering experts.  Plus this allows you to see how the diaper fits on a wide range of kiddos from newborn through the toddler years.  And guess what?  Today is my turn to show you how the diaper fits on my beautiful 10 week old 11 pound baby girl.

Alright, are ya ready to get funky with Mama Harper & Willow?  Here we go.

Funky Fluff

As you know I like to give my readers a little background information on the companies I share with them and so who exactly is Funky Fluff & Stuff Inc?  Funky Fluff is a small Canadian home based business that was founded by two cloth diapering momma’s (Kathy Bello and Tricia Corda) who each have two little boys.  This team of mom’s spent many late night hours researching and testing to develop the perfect cloth diaper that would work for all parents and all sizes of kiddos.  That is how the Funky Fluff 3-in-1 Diaper was born.

There are so many different cloth diapering options out there and for someone just starting out it can almost be intimidating – I know it was for me when I made the leap from disposables to cloth.  And so what is great about the Funky Fluff 3-in-1 Cloth Diaper is you don’t have to choose because it functions as an All In One, All In Two, or Pocket Diaper.  It’s up to you!

Funky Fluff 3-in-1The Funky Fluff 3-in-1 diaper is available in either stay dry or bamboo.  We received the bamboo version in black with pink snaps to try out.  I was very pleased to receive the bamboo Funky Fluff diaper because I am a mama that prefers natural fibers against my baby’s delicate bum – plus the bamboo is so soft!  It almost has a velvety texture that ya just want to rub against your cheek – well if it hadn’t been on your little one’s rear end, hehe.  And as a family that is making attempts at living a greener life style the Bamboo diaper fits perfectly because it is a environmentally friendly choice.  Bamboo is very sustainable, the crops grow quickly and require little maintenance.

And now on to all the awesome features!

I like to start with what’s inside the diaper….and inside each Funky Fluff Bamboo diaper you will find two soakers.  The smaller soaker consists of two layers of bamboo blend terry while the large soaker consists of four layers of the same great material.  The soakers can be used either individually or together depending on the age of your child or amount of absorbency they need – even though Willow is only two months old and weighs eleven pounds she is a heavy wetter (most likely because she is an awesome nurser) and so I do need to use both inserts with her.  Each soaker has a snap on both ends so that they can be snapped on both ends of the diaper to create an All In One, on one end to create an All In Two or a Pocket Diaper when stuffed.

     Funky Fluff Bamboo SoakersFunky Fluff Inside Snap

I already mentioned that the inside of the diaper is unbelievably soft since it is Funky Fluff Double Gussetsmade of the bamboo material, but what I like even more is the double gussets.    These help contain the messiest of messes – even runny newborn breast milk poop.  With a Funky Fluff diaper on your little one’s bum you can be confident that the poop will stay where it is supposed to and not get on their clothes – less wardrobe changes = less laundry = happier mama!

Not only is the outside of the Funky Fluff diapers absolutely adorable with their wide selection of color choices, but the design makes for a super trim fit – especially in the crotch area which typically tends to be huge on a newborn.  Plus there are plenty of snaps (cross over, hip and 2×4 rise) to get a perfect fit no matter the size of your kiddo from seven to thirty-five plus pounds.  The elastic around the legs and waist is stretchy and doesn’t leave any red marks on Willow’s little thighs.  And check how cute she is rockin her Funky Fluff!

Willow's Funky FluffWillow's Funky FluffWillow's Funky FluffWillow's Funky FluffWillow's Funky Fluff

As you can see the Funky Fluff 3-in-1 Diaper fits Willow perfectly with plenty of room to grow.  Since she does require using both soakers already and she is only two months old as she grows I will most likely need to add some more absorbency to avoid leaking issues, but for now we are good to go.

Now that you have ready how awesome our Funky Fluff is I am sure you want to win some of your own…. well make sure you enter the Funky Fluff Fall Festival giveaway and you will have the chance to win 6 Funky Fluff diapers and a wet bag.  I must say I will be a tad jealous of the lucky winner!

Oh and if you leave a comment below that will score you even more entries into the giveaway…. so tell me what’s your favorite feature of this diaper?  Make sure you ready all the other reviews as they’re posted and leave comments there as well to get even more entries.  Good luck!


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57 Responses to Get Funky with Willow! Funky Fluff Review

  1. Cynthia says:

    The more I see and hear of this diaper the more I like it. I looks good and fits great. I love the variety of colors.

  2. Sarah says:

    I love the colors and the bigger wet bag.

  3. Beth Ann says:

    I love all the great colors! This diaper is adorable. I hope they come out with prints someday. 🙂

    Thank you!

  4. Stephanie says:

    My favorite features are the crossover snaps and snap in soakers.

  5. Thabal says:

    I love the double gussets feature.

  6. Sheena says:

    Do you still have this diaper? Would you be willing to sell it?

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