Our Visit to the Akron Zoo {Akron, Ohio}

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I love doing things that the entire family can enjoy together and visiting the zoo is definitely one of those things.  Both Alleigh and Kaelyn love animals – in fact for Halloween this year they are being their favorite animal (pictures soon) – so if I mention visiting the zoo they are all about it.  And even though Dustin isn’t the kind ofIMG_4534 guy to show his emotions on his sleeve I can tell he enjoys visiting the zoo by how he lingers at certain animals and points things out to the girls.  Now Willow… she’s happy wherever we go as long as she’s tucked in a baby carrier snug against mama, hehe.  This past weekend the five of us headed to the Akron Zoo which is located in Akron, Ohio and had a great time!

The Akron Zoo is home to 700 exotic animals from all over the world including African Lion, Black & White Ruffed Lemur, Capybara, Jaguar, Komodo Dragon, Leopard Tortoise, Red Panda, Sumatran Tiger, and many more.  Alleigh and Kaelyn had a blast exploring the zoo, checking out the animals, walking cross the rope bridge as well as riding the carousel and train.  Of course Willow slept through all the excitement, hehe.


I think the animals that had our family the most excited were the Snow Leopards.  On May 14th of this year two Snow Leopard cubs, Sabu & Raj, were born at the Akron Zoo.  Only nine cubs have been born this year that are part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Species Survival Plan (SSP) in the United States so it was definitely a special treat to see them.  Plus at the Akron Zoo you can literally get nose to nose with many exotic animals thanks to the wonderful set up of their exhibits that separate animal from zoo guests with just a pane of glass.  The Snow Leopard cubs and mama were literally inches from us as they sat in the exhibit and even rubbed up against the glass when we placed our hands against it.  I could have sat there all day and watched the cubs play.  Unfortunately the sun was shining and the glass doesn’t allow for very good picture taking with the glare, but in person it was break taking….


We also really enjoyed walking through the “Journey to the Reef” exhibit which opened May 26th of this year and features over 17 aquariums of animals that live on or near the reef, live coral and a stingray touch pool though it wasn’t open the day we visited.  Some of the animals included octopus, eels, sea horses, venomous lionfish, clownfish, jellyfish, starfish, schooling fish, crabs and more.  Doesn’t it look like those two fish are about to kiss in the picture below?  Or am I just crazy? Hehe.


The Akron Zoo also has lots of fun events through out the year.  With Halloween approaching guests can experience “Boo at the Zoo” where the kiddos dress up in their Halloween costumes and use a candy passport to find all the treat stations in the zoo – all while checking out all the great animals the zoo has to offer, how fun!


Interested in visiting the Akron Zoo?  Check out their website and plan your visit today!  It’ll definitely be a day you and your kiddos will remember.


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4 Responses to Our Visit to the Akron Zoo {Akron, Ohio}

  1. Sarah Riffle says:

    What a beautiful family!!!! I love the Akron Zoo!! Have you ever been to Clevelands Zoo?!

  2. Aww it looks like the girls had a great time! Love all the photos!

  3. Danielle says:

    Great pictures! We love visiting the Akron Zoo as well. Our favorite animals are the flamingos, the lion, tiger, bear and the snow leopards (the baby cubs are adorable).

    We also really like the new Journey to the Reef exhibit. Did you get to see the octopus swimming in the tank?


  4. Wes says:

    WOW! I didn’t even know Akron had a zoo! I’ll have to put that on our Summer bucket list. Thanks for sharing.

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