Skylanders Giants Video Game at Best Buy

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Today Dustin and I went to Best Buy alone – yup, alone!  My parents hung out with all three girls at our house.  Since we were going straight there and back I knew Willow would be alright since she had just nursed.  I needed to pick up a wireless mouse for my laptop since the left click on my smart pad is barely working anymore, but while we were there Dustin had to check out the video games.  Usually I’m not too interested in that sort of thing, but there was a really cool game that used actual figures of characters from the game to play that seemed pretty cool – especially if you’re a tween-aged boy.

Skylanders Giants

Thousands of years ago, the Giants fought epic battles in Skylands but they have long since been banished to Earth. Now the evil Portal Master Kaos is back and the Giants must join forces with the Skylanders to battle a new threat.  It’s up to you to put them on the Portal of Power and unleash their strength. Are you ready for the ultimate battle to save Skylands?

Dustin grabbed a seat and started playing the game on a PS3 that was set up right smack in the middle of Best Buy.  It can also be played on Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Xbox 360 which is the gaming platform Dustin has at home.  Even though it wasn’t the platform he uses I like that they have these demo stations set up so adults and kids can try out games before making the final decision to purchase since video games can be rather pricey.


While he was playing a Best Buy associate walked up and explained to me how the game worked – in simple terms, remember I’m not the gamer of the family, hehe.  And so this is how it works…

Is this your first journey into Skylands?  If so you will want to begin with the Skylanders: Giants Starter Pack which includes video game, 3 Skylanders figures, and a Portal of Power to teleport your figures into the game.  Plus you will also receive a character collector poster, three sticker sheets with secret codes, and three trading cards.


If you’ve already been having fun in Skylands with Skylanders:  Spyro’s Adventure you can continue your game play with the Skylanders:  Giants Portal Owner’s Pack.

I think what I, as a mom, like most about this particular video game is the inclusion of the figures.  On the games website they describe the figures as being frozen in our world, but alive in theirs.  Skylanders are special action figures that come to life when placed on the Portal of Power!  How fun is that?  This way even if you want your kiddos to get their faces out of the television screen for a while they can still play with the action figures or even take them places with them.  And it’s really neat to watch how when you place them on the Power of Portal they immediately come to life on the screen.  At one point while Dustin was playing it even said that his character needed to rest and needed to be replaced with a different Skylander.

Dustin had something to add too!  He mentioned that this game could be fun for people of all ages because the story line would be a draw for a more mature audience since it gives them something to follow while their playing.  Yet the action figures, fun voices, sound effects and animations make it very appealing to the younger crowd.  In fact a boy that was probably about ten years old stopped and was watching Dustin play for quite a while… actually until Dustin handed over the controller, hehe.


There is definitely more to this game than a typical video game and I can totally see Dustin playing this game with the girls.  As I’m sitting here typing this he actually just said that he thinks Alleigh, our 4 and a half year old, could probably play the game and he’s thinking about picking it up for her.  I think he secretly wants it for himself too, hehe.  It would definitely make a great Christmas gift – plus if other people are looking for a smaller gift to get your kiddos they can grab the extra Skylander action figures as gifts too!

If you’re heading to your local Best Buy check to see if they have the demo station set up too – though you might have a hard time pulling your hubby and kids away… heck, you might even get hooked too! Hehe.  Plus there’s lots of great information on the Best Buy website as well to check out.


The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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6 Responses to Skylanders Giants Video Game at Best Buy

  1. I like that this game is fun for all ages. Since hubby is on night shift right now, he often plays video games during his nights off to help keep him awake. I might need to check into this one for him – thanks for the review!

  2. Stacie says:

    That looks like something that my game-loving husband and kids would just love! Thanks for sharing, we’re going to have to make a trip to our Best Buy to check it out.

  3. Mimi says:

    heh heh heh Did Dustin keep that kid waiting because he was on it for so long? Totally cracks me up. I think my boys will really like this! My parents & brother have an XBox so my boys are excited to get to use that, even tho we have a Wii

  4. Tree says:

    That looks like a really cool game. I love the set up that Best Buy has to test out the video games.

  5. chris nadeau says:

    Luke has 9 spyro skylanders and is begging for the giants. You def need one from each element to defeat certain things (earth, fire, water, etc.) It is kind of hard for trent to follow and play. He is 6 and plays for short periods of time but loves to watch luke and follow the story without playing. Hubby plays occassionally.

  6. Wes says:

    Looks interesting!

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