The BabbaBox: A Perfect Preschooler Gift

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It’s no secret that I love making crafts and doing educational activities with my kids, but when I come up with these ideas they usually require prep work.  It could mean running to the store to get the necessary materials, researching online, or searching around the house for something before we can even get started.  And sometimes by the time all of that is accomplished there’s no time to actually do what we were planning and our fun project get’s pushed to the next day.  But what if everything we needed magically appeared at our house each month and all I had to do was enjoy the time with my kids?  The good news is that CAN happen with the BabbaBox.

So you’re wondering what a BabbaBox is….

It’s a themed box that arrives each month full of super fun activities geared towards three to six year olds – so perfect for Alleigh and Kaelyn!  Each BabbaBox includes 5 major components centered around the ways kids engage and learn: CREATE, EXPLORE, STORY TELL, CONNECT.  “Create” are 2 projects they make themselves.  “Explore” is an activity with a provided project or object to engage with the world.  “Story tell” is a bestselling book that best represents the theme through a story.  “Connect” is the digital downloads.  With everything included in the box there is enough to engage throughout the entire month depending on how the parent chooses to utilize the projects.

Plus BabbaBox makes it truly convenient to start engaging with your kids instead of running around like a crazy person trying to find glue, paint, construction paper… because ALL the materials and content are included in the box! That means you just need to literally open the box and start spending quality time with their kids.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

As I previously mentioned each month is a different theme that ranges from Recycling to Awesome Artist.  You will be amazed at how exposure to these topics truly broaden your kiddos and perhaps your own world.  A few days before your box arrives on your door step, you will get a sneak peak e-mail!  BabbaCo suggests watching it with you kids so they will get even MORE excited for their package to arrives.  Some themes to look forward to include:

Royal Kingdom: explore the kings, queens, knights in armor
Rainforest: the lush characteristics of the rainforest
Awesome Artist: pop art, impressionism, & other art movements in history
Recycling: learn how paper is recycled & decorate reusable snack pouches

With Christmas less than two months away the BabbaBox would make a perfect present and it’s a gift the whole family can enjoy… plus it’s a gift that could last the entire year – so much better than a jelly of the month club, hehe.  So this year go beyond the typical toy truck or doll – those toys tend to lose their appeal after ten minutes or so anyhow.  Instead give a gift that is truly unique and enriching – that engages kids by getting them to do hands-on projects which then turn into a great end product that they keep.  For example, the “Awesome Artist” box teaches them about Pop Art by printing their own t-shirt that they proudly wear for a long time.  To see exactly what I mean check out this video of the Awesome Artist BabbaBox.

And one more thing!  Make sure to enter the BabbaCo Holiday Shopping Spree contest where BabbaCo will give away a grand prize of $1500 and an annual BabbaBox membership (value $299) because the only thing better than a BabbaBox is a free Babbabox! Plus, BabbaCo will be giving away 10 additional prizes including gift card from Starbucks,, and more.

So what are you waiting for order a BabbaBox today and have some fun with that precious little one in your life.

This article is sponsored by BabbaCo.

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15 Responses to The BabbaBox: A Perfect Preschooler Gift

  1. Sabrina R says:

    I think this is such a wonderful idea! How fun for the kids to get a package each month just for them? AND with super fun activities that they learn from too, awesome for mom and kids!!

  2. Mimi says:

    My girls used to get something like this from their step-grandma when they were preteens. I love this idea and BabbaBox looks like the product is much better quality than what my girls used to get!

  3. Amanda says:

    Love the idea!! I will totally keep this in mind for Christmas.

  4. I love the idea of this. Think I will be checking it out for gifts this year.

  5. Amy says:

    This is a cool idea – I have never heard of them until now -but I will be keeping them in mind for upcoming holidays

  6. Tree says:

    This really is the neatest idea! I’m looking forward to grabbing a few for Christmas presents this year. My granddaughters would love them.

  7. These would be perfect for my kiddos! Looks like lots of fun things to do, and I love that it’s different every month. Great for parents who aren’t creative but want things for their kids to do!

  8. Stacie says:

    How fun! What a great way to keep the kids busy, and something for them to look forward to every month.

  9. Courtney Hall says:

    awesome idea!

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