2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Earthy Expressions Personalized Mothers Necklace Review

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Like most women I love jewelry… before having my little ones I had tons of it and loved wearing different big funky pieces everyday.  But my style has definitely simplified and now I prefer to wear just a few pieces in addition to my wedding ring on a daily basis.  I also like every piece of jewelry I wear to have a meaning behind it and since being a mom is my greatest joy in life having a necklace with my munchkins names on it is perfection for me.  As I mentioned I prefer a simplistic style and absolutely love nature and a down to earth feel and all of these reasons is why Kristie Ramsey’s Etsy Shop – Earthy Expressions is a perfect match for me.

Earthy Expressions

Kristie Ramsey has been beading for roughly 6 years, but has also fallen in love with metal smithing which shows in the majority of her work. She prefers an earthy, simple look as reflected in her shop name – just like me! Most of her jewelry has a rustic, slightly imperfect look to it which makes me love it all even more.  I prefer to have one of a kind pieces that I know I won’t see the lady in line beside me at Target wearing too – instead I want her to ask me where I got my gorgeous necklace, hehe. So don’t think of these as imperfections, but instead “charm” that adds to the personality of the piece. Kristie is always striving to constantly learn new things so I can only expect her shop to grow and evolve over the coming years.  As of now you can find gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and pins there.

I was thrilled to receive the Personalized Mothers Necklace to review and it arrived in the cutest packaging too which is great for gift giving!

Earthy Expressions Necklace Review  Earthy Expressions Necklace Review

This necklace is composed of three pieces – two discs which can have up to four names stamped on and one charm.  It is made from sterling silver and is hand stamped, oxidized, and polished.  Plus you get choices!  As I mentioned you can have up to 4 names stamped onto the discs and so I had my two older girls names stamped on the larger disc and baby girl’s name on the smaller disc.  There are three different charms to choose from including a heart, strawberry, or owl – I went with the heart.  And there are also options for the chain including either 16” or 18” and ball or snake.  I have a rather small neck and so I went with the 16” chain so it would rest higher and be visible without getting caught behind my shirts – it’s too pretty to be hidden.

I wear this necklace almost daily and love that it gives me that sense of having my girls with me all the time – even when their not.  Yes, I still get a little weepy dropping my big girl off at pre-kindergarten and I can only imagine how I will feel when she starts kindergarten this coming fall.

Earthy Expressions Necklace Review

Something that makes me love a business even more is when they give back and Kristie does just that!  A portion of her earnings goes towards helping animals or organizations that help animals as an animal lover this gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.  Currently this money is being used to help a stray cat that Kristie found get it’s shots and be spayed – she was pregnant and had kittens – then to find them all good homes.  Aren’t they cute?


Be sure to visit the Earthy Expressions Etsy shop – I guarantee you will find something either for yourself or that would make a perfect Christmas gift for someone on your list.  And guess what?  Kristie has generously offered a coupon code to use while shopping – HOTHH10 will give you 10% off!


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5 Responses to 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Earthy Expressions Personalized Mothers Necklace Review

  1. Amanda says:

    I love it! I may have to look her up to do one with my boy’s names on it.

  2. Christa says:

    that necklace is beautiful and I love that the seller donates a portion of her earnings!

  3. Mimi says:

    Oh my goodness, that necklace is beautiful!! I would love that necklace with my kids names on it. I love the size of it, too! Sweet how she gives back. =)

  4. Ooooh I LOVE that and I WANT ONEEEEE!

  5. Elise P says:

    Those necklaces are beautiful! Such a cute idea

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