2012 Holiday Gift Guide: QuickSmart Easy Fold Stroller–Strolling Made Simple!

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With three little ones I have definitely tried out my fair share of strollers – hubby jokes that I have a stroller addiction…. ok, maybe he’s not joking, hehe.  And though all of the strollers I have tried out have all been different they still had one thing in common.  Taking up way too much space in the back of our Ford Escape.  No matter what stroller I had in there if I wanted to go grocery shopping I would have to take it out and store it in the garage.  And I’m sure you know what happened next…. I’d forget to put it back in the car and so the next time I was out and needed my stroller it wouldn’t be there.  So frustrating!  And so I set out to find a stroller that would be so compact that I could permanently leave it in the car and that would be great for traveling as well.  And I was so excited when I found it at QuickSmart.


At QuickSmart they know all too well about the daily life of a mom and how we really need at least three, maybe four arms to juggle everything at once.  But instead of creating some weird apparatus to give us those extra arms QuickSmart designed some awesome baby gear that is foldable, portable, and compact – many of which can be set up with only one hand!  Yup, you read that right… with your kiddo in one arm you can easily set up the Easy Fold Stroller in mere seconds which is IMG_5930just one of the reasons I love it.

As I mentioned earlier I was in search of a compact stroller that I could leave in my car at all times.  And the Easy Fold Stroller is exactly that.  When folded down it measures 20.1”L by 21.3”W by 9.8”H – smaller than an umbrella stroller!  So small in fact that it literally fits inside a carrying bag making this an ideal stroller for traveling!  And no worries about getting tired while carrying it over your shoulder – the lightweight aluminum frame only weighs 15.4 pounds making it not only light and functional, but also strong and rust free.  When folded down there are two convenient straps to keep it folded down even when not using the carrying bag until you are ready to use the stroller.


And when you are ready to use the stroller it will literally only take you a few seconds to be up and moving.  After unhooking the straps you literally just lift the handlebar and everything snaps into place – easy peasy.  Check out this video to see just how simple it truly is!

IMG_5885And I love all the great features that have been packed into this compact stroller which measures 27.5”L by 24”W by 39.7”H when open.  The retractable hood is very large and provides plenty of shade and privacy.  Plus it also has a little window so you can peek down at your little one without completely retracting the hood.  Safety is a huge priority for me as it is all parents and so I was very pleased to see that this stroller has a five point harness.  And it also has a two position recline so if your little one gets sleepy or just wants to kick back a bit all you have to do is unsnap two buckles.  There is also a convenient foot rest which makes climbing in and out of the stroller a breeze for older kiddos – Kaelyn loves getting in and our herself.  I was a tad concerned that with smaller wheels (7.7” back & 4.5” front) that the Easy Fold Stroller would be a bit difficult to push, but I was completely wrong!  It easily glides along and the extra tall parent push bar is a comfortable height for Dustin and me.


The design of this stroller is meant for babies 6 months of age or older, so be sure to keep that in mind.  This works great for us at the moment though because Kaelyn rides in this stroller since she is 2 years old, Alleigh walks, and Willow rides in a baby carrier.  And once Willow is old enough to use the stroller Kaelyn can start walking with her big sister.  Plus this stroller has a high weigh limit of 45 pounds so even at 4 years old if Alleigh who weighs about 36 pounds gets tired she can ride in it – which she did when we went to the zoo about a month or so ago, hehe.

Interested in purchasing this stroller?  It comes in two great colors IMG_5891– geometric black and black with lime highlight.  And when it arrives you will be very pleased to find out that there is no assembly required!  Just take it out of the box and you’re ready to go.  There are also lots of great accessories that can be purchased separately to check out on the QuickSmart website to use with the Easy Fold Stroller as well.  It does come with a weather shield to protect little ones from the rain which I thought was a great added feature.

Plus QuickSmart makes much more than strollers.  Be sure to check out their website where you will find play yards, travel bassinets, high chairs, and ride on toys which would be perfect Christmas gifts.  Oh and right now there is FREE shipping on all USA online orders!  Two more websites to check out for awesome prices on QuickSmart products are Diapers.com and Wayfair!  Surprise someone this holiday with baby gear that will make their lives so much easier – happy shopping!


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7 Responses to 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: QuickSmart Easy Fold Stroller–Strolling Made Simple!

  1. amy says:

    I love that stroller! 😀 It collapses so well! I hated bulky strollers – I tended to leave them home many times too!

  2. Jenilee says:

    Oh how neat! This would be great to keep stashed beneath a seat or something in the car!

  3. Roxanne DeBord says:

    Wow! I have to get one of those strollers! We travel a lot and this would be perfect, especially because we always pack so much stuff. Regular strollers take up so much room, but this would fit easily. Great review!

  4. Mimi says:

    WOW! That is super cool! I wonder if my step-daughter has ever heard of these! I’ll have to let her know. I’m sure she’d love it!

  5. Amanda says:

    Wow, that really is compact! I have the same trunk space dilemma so this would be perfect for me!

  6. WOW that’s an interesting looking stroller and I can not believe how compact it is. That’s crazy! I might need to look into this one, thanks for the info.

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