Kidgets Diapers & Wipes Get Mama Harper’s Approval!

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If you’re a regular reader then you know I typically always use cloth diapers with Willow and I do so for many reasons with one of the biggest reasons being to save money.  But sometimes I prefer the convenience of disposables when we are traveling or out running errands.  And even though we only use disposables once in a great while I found familydollarmyself cringing to spend so much money on something I would be throwing in the trash.  I knew that somewhere I would be able to find disposable diapers that were reasonably priced and worked well… I just didn’t know that place would be Family Dollar!

After dropping Alleigh off at pre-kindergarten one familydollarkidgetsmorning Willow and I stopped by our local Family Dollar to grab a pack of baby wipes and browse around a bit.  When we got to the baby section and I was about to pick up our typical brand of wipes I noticed the Kidgets package.  Then I realized it was only $2 and decided to check to see if there were Kidgets diapers as well.  Not only did they have diapers, but they were only $6.50 for a pack.  For that price I had to try them out.  With a pack of Kidgets diapers, wipes, and only $8.50 spent Willow and I were on our way.


Wondering how happy we were with our Kidgets products?

Kidgets Baby Wipes:  First of all just opening this pack of wipes was super easy – one finger pressed down on the little tab popped it right open which definitely comes in handy if you have a poop disaster on your hands, hehe.  It also closes just as easy to keep the wipes moist with no worries of the top wipe drying out and going to waste.  I loved that they are fragrance free and alcohol-free so even if your little one has diaper rash you’ll be able to use your Kidgets wipes.  They are also thick, strong, and soft with just the perfect amount of moisture.  With one wipe I was able to tackle a huge poop from Willow that would have taken me several wipes of my previously preferred brand.  Did you catch that “previously”?  Yes, I am so happy with these wipes I intend to start purchasing them regularly!

Kidgets Diapers:  Since I don’t use disposable diapers that often when I pulled one out of the package the first thing that popped into my head was “geez this thing is really super thin and there is no way it is gonna hold up over night.”  I’m used to huge fluffy butts and in comparison there seemed to be literally nothing there.  But I decided to give it a try – I figKidgets Diapersured if this diaper could hold up over night then I would feel confident using it any time of the day, while running errands, or traveling.  And guess what.  One Willow woke up the next morning she was completely leak free and the diaper felt like it weighed a ton!  That made for a very happy mama and of course a happy Willow too.  I think the success came from the ultra absorbent core as well as the super stretchy tabs which made for a great fit even around my long thin baby.  Yup, you guessed it – these will now be my go to diapers for those times when disposables are what I need.


So this is my conclusion…. Kidgets diapers and wipes cost significantly less than the other brands I typically buy yet they work just as well – if not better.  Obviously the only logical thing to do is make the switch which I have… so what about you?  Stop by your local Family Dollar and give the Kidgets products a try!  I bet ya like them too.

Introducing the newest addition to the family of Kidgets products: Kidgets Baby Wipes!  Available exclusively at Family Dollar, Kidgets baby wipes are made with a special three-layer fabric that is Thick, Strong, and Soft!! Available in Unscented and Fresh Scent, they are the perfect addition to your changing table, car, or diaper bag. Convenient press-open lids make on-the-go changes a breeze!
Family Dollar’s line of Kidgets diapers is also second to none. Family Dollar realizes that you want the best for your baby. That’s why they developed Kidgets – a soft, absorbent diaper that’s also a great value. With an ultra absorbent core, strechable grip tabs, and a cloth-like outer core, they are are so sure that you’ll love the Kidgets diaper that they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
Check Kidgets Diaper and Wipes products out today – only at Family Dollar!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Family Dollar.

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8 Responses to Kidgets Diapers & Wipes Get Mama Harper’s Approval!

  1. amy says:

    Thanks for the great info about these diapers and wipes. I HATED having to pay for disposable – it got so expensive.

  2. It’s so nice to find good diapers at a really great price! I love their wipes, too!

  3. Nice! I’ll have to give them both a try. Diapers and wipes are so darn expensive, especially since I have 2 still using them.

  4. I didn’t even know you could get diapers at the Family Dollar Store and never heard of Kidgets either. Thanks for the review. I buy a lot of diapers even though I cloth diaper. I use them for nights and when we go out… so kind of a lot.

  5. Mimi says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand before! I agree, it’s nice to have the convenience of disposable sometimes. I know my step daughter lives near a Family Dollar. I’ll have to find out if she has these at that store! Thanks for introducing them here. =)

  6. courtney b says:

    this is good to know since i’ve never heard of these, but im gonna check them out!

  7. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I would have never guessed! We are out of diapers now but we still use wipes so I’ll have to check these out!

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