Never Wordless Wednesday: Q92 Nurse-In

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Last week while listening to The Mo Radio Show on Q92.5 I heard something that as a proud breastfeeding mom upset me immensely.  On his show Mo compared breastfeeding to urinating in public.  Yup, you read that right, he compared providing a child with nourishment to defecating.  Here’s the proof.

Q92 Nurse-In

I’m sure most of you are aware that breastfeeding in public is legal where as urinating in public is not.  Rather quickly a discussion began on one of my favorite Facebook pages – The Breastfeeding Center – and I along with many others thought a nurse-in would be a great idea.  I was thrilled when I found out that DJ AJ9 (Anna-Jeannine Herman) had organized one to take place on January 14th at the Q92.5 studio!

So what’s a nurse-in?
Essentially, a Nurse-In is exactly that- it’s a form of protest. It’s a method of gaining attention for a cause and showing resistance to the opposing side. It’s also an attempt to ‘normalize’ breastfeeding, as many people believe that the reason some people take issue with breastfeeding in public stems from the lack of it’s social presence for the last 50+ years in American society. The idea is the more people see it, the more aware they are of normal breastfeeding relationships- that they aren’t ‘dirty’, ‘sexual’, ‘perverted’, or ‘inappropriate’, that they will see the fact that breastfeeding is healthy, beneficial, and necessary. (Thank you – Nursing Bling.)

And so at 5PM on January 14th 2013 myself and a few other mamas, babies, and supporters showed up at the radio station.  Mo mentioned that he didn’t think anyone would actually show up because he had since stated that he agrees with breastfeeding in public, but wanted to show both sides of the story.  But that wasn’t the point…. by staging this nurse-in breastfeeding was getting publicity.  In fact breastfeeding had been talked about on Mo’s show for five straight days and he even invited some experts on the topic to talk on the show like Betsy from the Breastfeeding Center!  If we had let his ignorant statement go the opportunity to share and educate the public on what breastfeeding truly is would have been missed.  And to have a nurse-in that was broadcasted live to thousands of people… that couldn’t be passed up.

Mo welcomed us into the studio and DJ AJ9 even answered questions from callers.  She also came prepared with handouts including one of the best things I have ever read – “Read It: Every Argument Against NIP Debunked.”

Here are some photos from our nurse-in….

Q92 Nurse-InQ92 Nurse-InQ92 Nurse-In

And no I don’t hate Mo…. see I even took a picture with him to prove it.   I’m not sure what Willow thinks of him though she did give him a little smile, hehe.  I will say that I do feel he picked a very poor analogy and hopefully has realized that though I doubt he will ever admit it.

Q92 Nurse-In

Oh and in case you were wondering…. this is the shirt I was wearing.  A perfect way to end this post I do believe, hehe.

Q92 Nurse-In

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23 Responses to Never Wordless Wednesday: Q92 Nurse-In

  1. Christa says:

    lol I love that shirt! Good for you for going to the nurse in! I would have too!

  2. Amanda says:

    I’m glad he welcomed the nurse-in and allowed the group to take calls. I would have gained a little more respect back for him if he had admitted he made a poor analogy!

  3. Glad you were able to bring some awareness to this and educate at the same time! Love the shirt!

  4. You go girl! I LOVE that tee you wore! LOL!

  5. Kay M. says:

    I love that shirt! I still see no reason for people to get upset over breastfeeding! I mean, they should be complaining about the scantily clad women in every magazine and on every billboard instead of something like THIS. Thank you for your stance!!

  6. Elizabeth Mills says:

    Great post! It was great meeting you and Willow 🙂

  7. LOVE this post! So glad this all got cleared up, I saw all the chaos on their fb page. Good for you for going to the Nurse-In and LOVE the shirt!

  8. Great shirt! Unfortunately, some people just don’t get it. Leave it to a man to make that sort of comment…

  9. Love the shirt. And I’m glad that DJ seems to be doing things to make up for what he said.

  10. Good for you and I have to say that you are one of the mom’s that I look up to when it comes to breastfeeding…

  11. April G says:

    Good for you all! And I love the shirt!!! 🙂

  12. Good for you. I will never understand the ignorance and idiocy behind peoples offense over breast feeding in public.

  13. Love the t-shirt! Good for you to stand up for breastfeeding! What a bogus claim he made! 🙁

  14. Tree Lindsay says:

    I love the shirt! lol And good for you and the rest for marching down there and proving a point. You’re awesome!

  15. Keara B. says:

    Just had to tell you that this was awesome! Thanks for being the voice of all breastfeeding moms. 🙂 We need more of this in our society!

  16. Jessica Beardmore Hilton says:

    Great post. Love your shirt. If my little one had come early and we could have made it I would have totally joined all of you! 🙂

  17. courtney hennagir says:

    i love this!! it’s so weird to me that breastfeeding freaks people out! and comparing it to urinating in public? whaaat?! thank you for doing this! you rock!

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  19. Mary v says:

    Congratulations for standing up for something you believe in and giving Willow the very best!

  20. Amy says:

    Way to go! Thank you for standing up for all us B.F, Moms!

  21. cathy henatyszen says:

    I love the shirt, and respect mothers that breast feed…

  22. Rachel N says:

    Thats great to hear that you mothers stood up for yourselves! Did he ever apologize or retract his statement about breastfeeding? It’s so sad when people in positions like that use them to sway people to their own opinions. It can be so harmful. How many young girls heard his statement and decided that breastfeeding is gross?

  23. christy g says:

    Thats awesome. Good job, momma!

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