Pull-Ups Larger Than Life Potty Celebration

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Wanna know a way to make potty training fun?  Yes, I said FUN.  Instead of thinking of it as a daunting task turn it into a celebration starting with that very first flush.  Kaelyn prefers to use her little potty chair, but when we dump it in the toilet and she flushes we clap, dance, and shout hooray!


When it comes to celebrating potty training Pull-Ups have decided to take the party to a whole new level.  Their going BIG.  As in New York City big.  On January 29th there will be a larger than life potty training celebration in Times Square to help parents and tots kick-off potty training the right way.  So what will be at this grand celebration?  A giant potty, live performers and a spectacular light-up billboard celebration (that your little one might appear on….. keep reading!).  Together parents and their ready to potty learn kiddos can experience the excitement as they prepare to celebrate a huge milestone in transition from baby to Big Kid – the First Flush.


Visit the Pull-Ups Facebook page to share a photo or tell the story of how you celebrated your little one’s first flush for a chance to win a trip for four to Walt Disney World® Resort in Orlando, Florida!  Entries will be accepted through February 28th 2013, but if you submit a photo January 22nd 2013 your child’s photo might be featured on a Times Square billboard during the larger than life potty training celebration on January 29th 2013!

I thought it would be fun to share a few photos of something fun we did with Alleigh when we began potty training… the Goodbye Diapers Ceremony.

Diaper GoodbyeDiaper Goodbye 1Diaper Goodbye 2

Wondering how potty training is going for my Kaelyn Mae?  Well I learned something from Alleigh…. even though we started potty training when she was a little over two she was just not ready and didn’t completely learn to use the potty til a month shy of her 4th birthday.  So instead of getting frustrated I am just going with whatever Kaelyn wants to do.  Some days she pees on the potty and some days she doesn’t.  I’m not a fan of the set a timer and take her to pee every 15 minutes method because I would feel like I am being trained and not her.  Though that method may work for some people.

And so for now… we are going with the flow and letting Kaelyn take the lead.  When she does use her potty chair we celebrate and use tons of positive reinforcement, but I’m not concerned when she shows no desire either.  I know she won’t be going to college with a book bag full of Pull-Ups so there’s nothing to stress over.  She’ll be a Big Kid soon enough.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and to host a party. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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10 Responses to Pull-Ups Larger Than Life Potty Celebration

  1. Mimi says:

    Oh my gosh, that’s going to be interesting in Times Square! lol I let my kids potty train naturally on their time frame. The one thing I kept reminding myself of, was that my kids wouldn’t graduate from high school still in their diapers. =) She’ll get there and I love that you’re going at her pace.

  2. I always did the same thing… let it happen however it is going to happen. Right now I am frustrated with my 3 yr old daycare boy who poops really bad in his diaper and won’t tell me he goes… and then there is a big mess. I am *trying* not to get too upset, but I am losing my patience. We tried Pull Ups with no luck. He isn’t ready. Gracie was using Pull Ups for bed time. She is trained during the day but at night she has accidents about once a week. They are working well for us!

  3. Carrie Phelps says:

    I’m about to start potty training my granddaughter, this sounds wonderful. I wish I was close enough to NYC to attend!

  4. Charlene says:

    Totally the best way to potty train. Once they decide their ready it goes so quickly.

  5. Katie Smith says:

    very cool, did i miss how old she is? my son is just over 2 years old and we had him almost potty trained till the new baby came so now we are having to start all over again sigh

  6. My son is a little over 3 and we are still working on potty training. It is a work in progress but like you said they aren’t going to college in Pull-Ups.

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  9. Ashley Rodriguez says:

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