Legal Mumbo Jumbo to Keep Mama Harper FTC Compliant

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What's ThisWell I’m glad ya asked!  That’s going to be at the top of my posts from here on out.  Why?  Well, if you haven’t heard the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released it’s new .COM Disclosures standards on March 12th 2013 and they have gotten super strict.  I feel like at any moment I might get my knuckles whacked with a wooden ruler for not doing something exactly right.  No longer is my tactfully placed signature with disclosure at the bottom of my posts enough.  Now the FTC wants readers to be aware the moment they open up a blog post and begin reading if they are being presented with sponsored content.  I’m hoping that this isn’t surprising news, but this is Mama Harper’s job and the way I help to support my family while being a stay at home mom.  This means that the vast majority of my posts are sponsored in some way whether it be product or payment and that fact has always been disclosed to my readers at the bottom of each applicable post as well as in my disclosure policy.  But now it will also be disclosed at the very top of those posts – overkill?  I say YES.  And so I urge you to not let this little bit of extra text daunt you because everything you read is genuine Mama Harper talking.

Now let’s talk about what these different phrases mean….

Sometimes I am sent a product from a company to try out and let everyone know my thoughts.  Just because I was sent a product free of charge in order to facilitate my review does not mean that they will always get a glowing review.  I also don’t like to bash a company into the dirt which is why I always contact the company first if I have a problem with a product to give them the option of opting out of having the review published in the first place.  In most cases I will present my readers with the things I liked about the product and areas that I found the product could be improved on.  Once I have completed the review the product is mine to keep.

HarperHousehold2Sometimes I am asked to write articles about topics that are relevant to my audience and link to an outside website which I am then compensated for with either cash or gift cards.  When I write posts like these I typically incorporate stories about myself and family.  I want you to know that everything I write is true and that just because I am being paid for it does not change the fact that you get 100% honest genuine Mama Harper all the time.

HarperHousehold1These are posts that I did not personally write and that I have been paid to post on my blog typically with a link to an outside website.  I always make sure these posts are relevant to my readers and that it would be something I feel comfortable sharing with my audience.

HarperHousehold3Sometimes I provide an affiliate link in a review post for a shopping page to purchase the item I have just discussed.  By clicking this affiliate link and then purchasing I will receive credit for that purchase.

So what does this mean to you?
Honestly….. nothing.  Well except for the fact that here will be some orange words at at the top of some of my posts that link back to this page for your future reference.  And please remember that just because I have received a product or payment in exchange for publishing a blog post that will never ever sway my opinion.  You can feel confident knowing that you will always be reading 100% honest genuine truth from Mama Harper.

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13 Responses to Legal Mumbo Jumbo to Keep Mama Harper FTC Compliant

  1. christy g says:

    That sucks. I think its great that you can review things you can use and get to help support your family.

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  3. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    Im sure this is a pain for you. But, it wont effect my view of your blog 🙂 I love reading your reviews!

  4. Janet W. says:

    I think what you do is absolutely amazing! I enjoy reading your reviews and have always looked at your posts knowing you have told nothing but the 100% truth with all honesty.

  5. As far as I’ve heard we’re not supposed to have clickable things like this (heard it from an email from Mom Central) It all seems so confusing now. Just let us do our job and leave us alone is my feeling lol

  6. Nilton says:

    AFJ. Mandy – I’ve never heard Bryn’s full story of how he came to be with the wild unicorns – maybe that would be a good one for some fan fiicotn some time? I’ve not heard tell that any of the animals in Faerie are immortal – but you never know.I don’t think Gabriel was capable of loving anyone at all once he got corrupted and ruined by the Dark Arts – he just used people for his own ends. I’m pretty sure Tania didn’t really love him at all – a person can fool themselves into thinking they’re in love with someone charismatic and attractive and powerful – and I think she just got swept along by him. But wouldn’t it be creepy if she had loved him a bit and if that love was still inside her, sleeping but able to be woken up?

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