Making It Monday: Framed Button Easter Egg

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Disclaimer:  I know it is no where near Monday…. but last week I announced that I would be starting a weekly Making It Monday post with fun craft ideas that I have actually completed with picture tutorials.  This week my blog was hacked and got heavily infected with malware.  After a few days down and a good chunk of money spent I am back up and running.  I didn’t want to skip out on this week’s Make It Monday post.  So yes… it is Thursday, but oh well.

This adorable framed button Easter egg is super simple to make and will look darling anywhere you choose to put it.  It could be hung on the wall, placed on an end table, or displayed on the fireplace mantle like mine.


Materials & Supplies:
5×7 picture frame, 5×7 piece of burlap, lots of buttons,
egg template, thread, needle, and hot glue gun

1.)  I began by finding an egg outline through a Google search which I resized to roughly 4 by 6 inches.  Once I printed it I cut out the egg to create a pattern.  I then pinned this template to my small piece of burlap.
2.)  Next I started positioning buttons inside the egg template.  This part took a while to get everything to fit just right.  Once everything was in place I used the hot glue gun to put a small dab of glue on the back of each button to hold it in place on the burlap.
3.)  After all of the buttons were hot glued I removed the egg template.  I then got my needle and thread and sewed all of the buttons to the Burlap. If you prefer not to sew you could have put a generous amount of hot glue on the back of each button and completely skip the sewing, but I think the stitched on buttons add to the charm.
4.)  Remove the glass and picture frame backing.  I then put a few dabs of glue around the front of the picture frame backing and gently placed the burlap squarely onto the backing.  I then placed the backing into the picture frame and discarded the glass.


And now I have an adorable button Easter egg on my mantle.  I would love to make at least one more of these in a different color… perhaps yellow would be fun!  I am also planning more framed button creations for different holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving.


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5 Responses to Making It Monday: Framed Button Easter Egg

  1. christy g says:

    Cute and looks pretty easy… I am not crafty but I may actually be able to do this one, haha!

  2. Piper Leigh says:

    I love simple crafty things to do! Thanks so much for the review!

  3. Michelle Lee says:

    I’m totally pinning this to my Easter Pinterest board. I love craft ideas you can make from things you probably have around the house. Well, maybe not the burlap but even gluing the buttons to wrapping paper or cute fabric would work.

  4. Janet W. says:

    That is so cute! What a lovely decoration to add to our home during Easter. I’ll have to remember this for next year!

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