Making It Monday: Hair Clip Holder

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It’s Monday!  That means it’s time for Making It Monday.  Some weeks the crafts will be super simple, some times they’ll be a bit more complex, and sometimes they’ll be perfect for toddler participation.  Regardless you can be sure that you’ll always find something adorable with instructions so easy to follow that even the craft-challenged will be able to replicate the project in their own home – promise!

Last week I successfully organized the girls headbands by repurposing an oatmeal canister, but then I realized we still had a mountain of hair clips that were all shoved in a little bin.  And that is what this week’s project is all about.  I went to a local thrift store and picked up a large old wooden picture frame and got to work making this hair clip holder.


Materials & Supplies:
Wooden Picture Frame, Ribbon, Spray Primer, Spray Paint, Staple Gun

1.)  Take apart the picture frame so that all you have left is the wooden frame.  I then used a bit of cleaner and made sure to get all the dirt off.
2.)  Spray with primer, wait 15 minutes.  Top with a coat or two of paint.
3.)  Staple ribbon on back evenly spaced across entire frame.
4.)  Hang on wall and display all your hair clips.  So simple!


We filled this frame up pretty quickly…. might need to make another, hehe.  I must say I love that all of the girls hair clips and headbands are now on display so I can easily see what will match their outfits for the day and they just look cute too.


And as always be sure to check out my other Making It Monday posts for more craft fun.

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15 Responses to Making It Monday: Hair Clip Holder

  1. christy g says:

    Great idea! I will forward this to my sister who has girls 🙂

  2. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    Ok I need to make this and the headband holder! This is so cute! Right now my daughter’s bow and handbands are just stuffed in her sock drawer and its always such a challenge to find what I’m looking for…

  3. Janet W. says:

    What a cute idea! I’ll pass this along to friends that have little girls.

  4. Darlene Ysaguirre says:

    What a great way to organize i have bow chaos they are always everywhere would be great to have them all in one place for once lol.

  5. Lolli S says:

    I love this! I must do this for Baby A’s room. Hubby and I are always on the hunt for her hair bows! This idea is awesome. Thank you for sharing with us all!

  6. Jeffrey says:

    I would personally never need one of these, I have two boys, but my brother might. It’s a great idea and looks fairly simple to make. I have a small woodshop and will occasionally make little projects for the kids. I used to make furniture for the house but with no need and little time I no longer do that. I made some cork boards for their rooms a short while ago, they hang up their awards and school projects.

  7. Denise L says:

    What an awesome idea! I needed this years ago when my daughter was little. She will be 21 next month and I just away all her hairbows and barrettes from when she was little. She had tons. We could have filled up a few frames 🙂

  8. Amanda says:

    Oh I love the frame you picked out!!! I made one for the baby last year! Here is mine! I added hooks for headbands

  9. Lisa Kuhl says:

    I love this!!! I need to make a few for my girls.

  10. shelly peterson says:

    what a super cute idea! love it, wished I had lil girls. I will have to make these for my neices and surprise them 🙂

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