Sound the Octo-Alert! New Octonauts Toys Now Available at Toys R Us!

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If you have little ones in your house that enjoy watching Disney Junior chances are you have watched at least a few episodes of the Octonauts.  It’s an adorable show that follows the daily adventures of eight underwater scientists and explorers that make up a rather unlikely crew – polar bear, kitten, penguin, dog, sea otter, bunny, octopus, and vegimal (part vegetable-part animal) – that work together to explore the world’s oceans, rescue the creatures who live there and protect their habitats – both above and below the water.  They do so under the leadership of Captain Barnacles (polar bear) and are equipped with many different aquatic vehicles and underwater gadgets which come in handy while rescuing sea creatures and exploring new underwater worlds.  Once their done saving the day the Octonauts return safely to their home base – the Octopod.

Now with the release of the new Octonauts toys which are available at Toys “R” Us the fun doesn’t have to end when the show does.  My girls were thrilled to receive several playsets and have been playing with them practically nonstop since opening the boxes.

Octonauts Toys Review

Octonauts Octopod Playset:  The show literally comes to life with this playset that looks exactly like the Octopod my girls see on television which allowed them to reenact their favorite episodes.  It comes with the Octopod, Captain Barnacles, Kwazii Kitten, mini GUP-A, 3 sea creatures (crab, sea turtle, eel), 4 rescue tools, and a clip-on Octo-Alert.  There was a little bit of assembly required.  I had to apply the decals to the different rooms and snap a few pieces together then the girls were ready to play.  They had lots of fun rescuing the different sea creature by pulling them up to the Octopod and turning the lever to drop the mini GUP-A through the front door.  And of course they loving sounding the Octo-Alert!

Octonauts Toys ReviewOctonauts Toys ReviewOctonauts Toys Review

Octonauts GUP-C Mission Vehicle & Shellington:  The girls had a blast playing with the GUP-C both on land and in the water.  Yes, you can take this fun toy in the tub!  There is a view finder so your little munchkin can peer into the deep depths of the bath tub where they just might find the color changing whale that needs rescuing using the tow line on the back of the GUP-C with help from Shellington the the sea otter scientist!

Octonauts Toys ReviewOctonauts Toys Review

Kwazii & the Slime Eel:  Included in this set is Kwazii with dive mask and air tanks, treasure chest, rescue net and color changing sea creatures including the water squirting eel.  Kaelyn has loved putting the different creatures into the treasure chest so that Kwazii and the rest of the Octonauts can take turns rescuing them.

Octonauts Toys ReviewOctonauts Toys Review

Octonauts Octo-Compass:  The Octo-Compass doesn’t function like an actual compass, but does have a little arrow that can be spun around to point North, South, East, or West.  But what makes it so fun is that by pushing different buttons the girls could hear different phrases from Barnacles, Kwazii, and Peso that they recognized from the show plus creature sounds and the Octo-alert signal.  Both girls love this and we may have to invest in a second Octo-Compass!

The girls have spent hours playing with their Octonauts play sets reenacting episodes they saw on television and using their imagination to create their own as well.  I love watching them play together and since the Octopod is a nice large size with things to do on all sides it is definitely big enough for two or more children to enjoy at the same time.  We are definitely going to have to purchase some more playsets to have the whole crew…. well at least Peso – he’s my favorite! Hehe.

Octonauts Toys ReviewOctonauts Toys ReviewOctonauts Toys Review

Be sure to check out all of the Octonauts playsets available at Toys “R” Us.  I bet your little one will love sounding the Octo-alert just as much as my girls.


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9 Responses to Sound the Octo-Alert! New Octonauts Toys Now Available at Toys R Us!

  1. christy g says:

    Cute. It’s a lot bigger than I would of expected!

  2. My cousin’s kids love this show and one just had a bday and I haven’t bought him anything yet 🙂

  3. Janet W. says:

    These toys would definitely keep my grandsons very busy!!

  4. Jeffrey says:

    My boys are a bit old for those toys but my nieces aren’t and both of their birthdays are coming up in June. My wife and I really never know what to get for them, its so much easier buying for boys!

  5. Denise L says:

    This looks so cute! I love toys that actually work and these would be perfect for my son!

  6. Laurie P says:

    I didn’t know Octonauts had a line of toys… cute! But I hope it doesn’t play the song lol

  7. Robin O says:

    The Octonauts toys look so fun and colorful and engaging!
    Thanks for sharing all the photos–we’ll put these on our wish list!

  8. Mark Schauer says:

    My three year old son loves his various Octonaut items of this vintage, but his absolute favorite was (for whatever reason) the purple color-changing whale that was included with Shellington and the GUP-C. Unfortunately, he lost it at the movie theater months ago and I have not been able to locate a replacement anywhere. He still talks about finding “Pete” (his name for him). Can anyone help me out with this?

  9. Lisa says:

    That Octo-Compass is impossible to find now! Been looking for my soon to be 3 yr old and they no longer make it.

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